buying an 04 tomorrow. is this right?

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  1. looking to get an 04 GT tomorrow. dealer is locating the one i want. the msrp's on the cars i am looking at are about 25,000 on average. he says he can get me out the door for 21,500 which includes tax and title. so basicly the car is going to cost 19995. is this a good deal? can i do better? also is there 0% financing availible?

    thanks alot
  2. There is a $2,500 rebate or 0% financing. Out the door for $21,500 doesn't seem to bad. He is counting the rebate though at that price. Make sure you do not pay any dealer prep fee's, or get the GAP insurance to. When you are with the finance manager look over every paper. They tried to get me to pay like $400 for gap insurance.

    Also, tell him to take out the holdback rate because that is just extra money they will make because Ford gives it back to them after the sale.

    Those are just some things I have learned over time.
  3. whats the hold back rate? also i thought gap insurance was through your own insurance company.. (pays the diffrence in the BB value of the car and how much you finanace if there is a diffrence)
  4. Is this for a GT deluxe or a GT Premium??? Any options added on top? (mach 1000, brite wheel upgrade?)

    I've seen GTD's going out the door for $18-19K after rebates. The GTP's are a bit more, maybe 20-21K after rebate.
  5. i am not sure. he is going to have a list of cars that i want with my options and some prices. i am looking for

    screaming yellow or black,
    abs/tract cont
    black int.

    that is all that i need. if there are more options i will take them but basically a deluxe.

    so should i push for less then 19,995 on the price. anyone buy one recently with a lower then 21,500 out he door?
  6. That sound like a good price to me....
  7. This is a pretty good idea of what the holdback rate is. After they sell you the car, Ford will give them a % back, make sure they take that out to get a little better deal.
  8. Nooooooooooooooooooo
    Don't pay that much. There has too be huge factory to dealer incentives because the new 05's are comming out. Find out what the dealer is getting for incentives, most won't tell, but some might or ask another dealer that you aren't working with. Then calculate invoice - rebate - a portion of the factory to dealer incentive. Or wait until the 05's are on the lot, I bet you could knock off another grand at least.
  9. That's a good price. Face it, everyone gets screwed by dealerships. Even if you think you're getting a good deal, and they tell you they're only making a couple hundred dollars on the deal, they are screwing you. I've come to this conclusion, faced the facts, and feel much better about it now.
    Car salesman are (generally) scumbags. They rank right up there with lawyers. They see you coming and see dollar $ign$.
    JMO... but 19,995 is a fair deal.
    Nothing wrong with gap insurance either. God forbid you have a car totalling accident but then still oweing money on the note would really suck.
  10. all the incentives are listed on right. are there hidden ones?

    if they are ordering the car and they get it on the lot does that mean that they are at the beggining of the hold back price? or do they kinda pick up what the other dealer had. say car A was on dealer A's lot for 45 days. then dealer B gets car A from dealer A. do they buy the car? so that would make the holdback price start over again i.e. more to work with?
  11. I paid $17,700 for my deluxe package. I saw the numbers on the computer screen where it says the dealers gain and the dealers loss. With my deal, they lost $3,000. If they want to sell you a car, tell them a really cheap price and stick with it. For the premium, $19,995 isn't that bad. But, if they want to make a deal, be aggressive with them idiots and tell them $20,500 out the door.
  12. Got my 04 GT for 18,5 out the door ... with bullitt rims, leather , and CD-6 460... i thought it was a good deal for me... i think you can find it cheaper that 21,5 out the door!!!
  13. Not to hijiack this thread, but I was thinking of trading in for a Mach 1, what do you think a good price for a 5 spd. Mach 1 would be right now?
  14. "I paid $17,700 for my deluxe package" WOW was this at a big dealer? that is a killer deal. i might drive over to brandon ford in tampa to see if i can get a deal like that!
  15. Well, I showed a dealership by me (Freedom Ford) their ad from the internet. I would have rather bought it from Brandon Ford, but they're 45 minutes away. I was gonna go there if Freedom Ford didn't give me that price. Freedom isn't a big dealer like Brandon. Brandon Ford sells between 75 and 100+ cars a day. Right now, they have the premium package with the chrome wheels for $18,999. People as far as NY fly there to get their deals. Yeah, go there and buy one! :nice:
  16. thanks. i knew about brandon ford, but i could not find that page on there web necause i was using an old fav link and it skipped the home page. this is all the ammo i need to get a killer deal. if not i have no problem driving the 3.5 hours over to tampa!
  17. :hail2: :nice: I'm calling you next time I go to buy a new car! :D
  18. Get the Gap Insurance!! I can't stress that enough. If some freak'n moron totals your car, and they don't have insurance you won't be out of what your insurance does not pay. This happened to my wife and I and the Gap insurance saved us a ton of money.
  19. so do you buy the gap form the dealer??? or from my insurance company?
  20. It's a dealer item, and some have it included already. It may cost you a few hundred bucks, but it could potentialy save you thousands of dollars, as it did w/ me. The sad part is that I didn't even know I had it (it was our 1st car purchase).