buying an 04 tomorrow. is this right?

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  1. i'm getting an 03 cobra for 26100 in michigan, if thats in your price range you might want to look into it. The dealer i'm buying from has 5 or so on the lot still...
  2. I've decided that I'd much rather find a dealer that's not going to flat out lie to me and let him sell a car to me for a little more than I could get it elsewhere bottom dollar. The dealer that sold me my '04 didn't try to pull anything, was very polite, has kept up with me and the car through some body work due to transport damage, quoted something like 300 bucks to transport the vehicle from Benning NM to here, and has generally treated me and my family with respect. I imagine I could have shaved another 500-1k off but for this kind of service, I'll gladly let them make a little more off me. :nice:
  3. cobra is just not practicle for me now. insurance etc... i am going to do a kenny bell on the GT in the future and i should be happy
  4. i agree that paying a little extra is a good thing if you get good service... but 19999 for a stripped 04 vs 18999 for a loaded 04. that would be alot of service! and i also told the sales person i will not but the car without seeing it for fear of "damage from transport" i have been reading the internet too long to start writting my own body damage horror story.
  5. No way I would pay more for it to get "good service." If you're buying a new vehicle, don't do any major mods, they have to fix anything wrong with it. All Ford dealerships have good service. If you begin to mod too much, then I could expect the dealership to say something if it gets out of hand. (o/r h, aftermarket s/c, ect.)

    "I'm calling you next time I go to buy a new car!"
    I do deal well with salesman. You gotta be aggressive or else they're gonna win....Chris, track time in the winter. :-D
  6. those are some cheap prices all the dealers around here (indy) want 25-26 for a GTD. and they wont go down on the price. and all the salesmen are dicks, for example. a 20 year old kid (me) walks up to a row of left over 03 gt's and says "im looking to buy TODAY, and i have cash." salesman says "you cant afford this car" wolt let me touch it. i go across the street and walk up to a 01 T/A 6-speed. salesman walks out and says "nice car, isnt it?" i say yes and ask to look inside and he asks if i want to drive it. i had no intention of buying the car, but that seemed to be what happened at every ford dealer i went to. so i found a small lot with my Laser red 98 gt and bought it the same day.
  7. My 03 Centennial Edition stickered for just under $27,000 I bought it for just under $20,000 ! A local dealer ran an add for $7000 off sticker on all 2003 mustangs including Cobras and Mach 1 models. It was shortly after the 2004 mustangs came out. That is the best discount I have ever heard of on a new stang.
  8. u could probably get it out for like 19000 or so. maybe. the 0% might be only if u finance through ford motor credit. if not maybe through chase bank at like 3.8 depending on ure credit history. welcome to the 04 world. i have one also. what color are u getting.
  9. HMMM!!! A dealer in central nj quoted my daughter $22,500 for a premium V6 convert with auto.

    Now I first thought that it was a little high, but now after reading these posts it seems really high.

    If thats the case what should a 04 Preimum convert with auto go for now???

  10. i want screaming yellow
  11. i thought the abs brakes were standard? what gives?
  12. Yes, that is WAY too high. If it has every option w/ vert, you can easily get it for between 17 and 18 grand.
  13. I used to sell cars, please look for my post under the "better deal for cash" thread.

    Tell your sales guy you want to see his invoice for the vehicle. You should be able to make a deal that is a few hundred dollars over invoice.


    Dealer Invoice + Tax, Licence, & Reg, + $500(Profit for dealer).

    Of course, and extended warranty will drive the price up too. But that is figured out when you see the finance manager. Try to deal on this price too, they have a profit margin on their warranties too.

    Don't be afraid to walk away from this car! They'll make more, and there's probably another Ford dealer within a 100 miles of you.

    Goto Kelly Blue Book .com and get the retail and trade in(wholesale) value of the new mustang.

    Think I'm gonna start a car buying thread to put all this info in one place. :D
  14. the problem with invoice price is it seems like the 2004's are selling well below that!
  15. i got my 03 gt for 19,000 with a grand total of 30 miles on it
  16. I paid $20k out the door for my loaded one back in Sept, you should be able to do better than that with the 05's coming out.

  17. Ouch they were really sticking it to you on that quote. Ask them to show you the invoice THEY paid for the car. You might as well throw the sticker price out the window, never start at the sticker price. And don't tell them what kind of payments you want because they will just stick it to you more because you are a "payment buyer" never tell them anything until you have them at the bottom of the price chain.
  18. um dude, wtf do you do for a living? i sell cars and i dont think im a scumbag
  19. goto and build the car you want. the market value price is a good indicator of a dealer price close to invoice including all discounts. usually this is the case. I mean thats what my internet customers tell me
  20. I just bought a 04 GT Premium a few months ago in the Chicago-land area. It was going for 25k and I got 2500 cash back. Fully loaded, black w/ black leather @ 22.5k. I don't know what kind of deals you are getting in other states, but I looked around at plenty of Ford dealerships in the area and this was a decent price. The service was great. I bought a 04 Explorer from the same dealership the next week with 0% financing. All in all, I am happy with the deal I got. 19.5k sounds like a great price for a GT if you ask me.

    I looked at a 03 Cobra with 6k miles on it for 27k. But the financing on used cars is not the same as new cars and the insurance was over 1k more a year.