buying an 04 tomorrow. is this right?

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  1. on the MSRP for a GT Premium is $26,545 and the invoice is $24,312. Average price was $24,720. This included the interior upgrade package and ABS/traction control.

    GT Premium -

    Like I said I paid 22.5 for mine, but I also got the gap insurance and they threw in a 4 year 75k mile warrenty because I drive a lot of miles.

  2. wow...Can I really get one at that price? Almost to hard to believe.

  3. Ford slowly de-standardized it.

    It was standard, then it was standard only on GT premiums and an option for everything else, now for '04 it's an option for everything except mach 1 and cobra.
  4. I was new car shopping back in April and pretty much found the same response. I was originally looking for a new '04 GT but it seems the salesmen didn't want to sell it or didn't want to take anything off or sell anywhere near MSRP.

    SO i started looking used privately. I bought 1 Autotrader, called up on 1 ad and ended up buying the first car i looked at. I bought my '03 GT premium w/10K highway miles on it for 16,000 even. It was not even a year old and owned by an older lady. I plopped down my down payment at a bank and now am paying $110 payments for 4 years for a basically new GT with tons of waranty left. I am as happy as can be and love my car and feel i got a very good deal.

    All i am saying is there are some very good deals to be had in the barely used market. A lot of people buy cars and can't afford them or need to dump them cheap. Most times they ask what they owe. I saved 10K off the window sticker taking this route.
  5. Yes, easily. Just because it's a convertible, doesn't make it a "nice car." The base model V6's with the rebates in FL are going for $14,500. You can get a brand new 2004 GT Convertible for $23,000, seriously.
  6. No, John, you're not. You've been very kind to me out here with help, advice - heck, you even offered a part to me for free (the air filter gimmick, remember? Unfortunately, we didn't make it up to Gainesville, but I didn't forget the act of kindness :nice: ) My sincere apologies to you - I certainly meant no offense to the king of 60' times. :hail2: :worship:
    What do I do for a living? I'm a lawyer. ;)

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  7. well my local dealer told me 23. i then took out the brandon ford ad. he quivered a little then said ill be back. he came back with a best of 21. i said i guess i am driving to tampa. he could not beat it. 2 hours later i got a call from the dealer, but i was already at work. i have to call them today and see what they want.
  8. dealer number 2. said they will not come close to that deal. they claim its a scam to get you into brandon ford.
  9. I bought my '03 premium for right around $22K out the door, but that included the $400 GAP insurance. IMHO, the GAP insurance is well worth it. Mustangs (like most cars) depreciate so much in the first 2-3 years that if you are hit, then most likely your car will book for less than you owe. The GAP insurance covers the difference between what your car is worth and what it books for. If I remember correctly, they also give you a $1000 toward the purchase of a new car.
  10. I understand where you are coming from, but I will tell you this, there are scumbags in every business there are probably no more in the car biz than there are in your industry.
  11. 2 weeks ago, I traded in my 01V6, and walked out the door w/ a screamin yellow 5speed coupe premium GT w/ everything but the mach1000. 5 year warrenty etc.
    for a little over $18K.
    Dunno if that helps or not?
  12. i have no idea how you guys are getting dealers to sell below invoice? i have talked to 10 dealers and they will not budge on the invoice price. i will have to wait till the rebates get better. i refuse to pay over 20,000!
  13. It depends a lot on how large the dealer is, the one I bought from isn't that large, only about 100k people in the town so they can't sell on volume.
  14. I didn't realize that there were any new 2003 cobras still for sale. What dealer is this, do you have their web link?

    Your price is as good or better than low milage used 2003s.

  15. I found the same my home town where there is only about 120k people in the main city and 300k in the entire metroplex. I went to houston and instantly got about 2200 off the price i could get in my home town. Go to the big dealerships...the more cars they purchase at a time the more discounts below invoice they get from ford. These prices people are seeing are legit profitable granted they aren't going to make any salesman rich but they will make a few hundred for the co. and salesman and move inventory quickly which is what dealers want to do most nowadays.

  16. go to They have a brand new screaming yellow, chrome 5 stars, leather, ect. for $17,999. I don't know where you're located, but people from all over the US go to Brandon Ford becaues they have such good deals.
  17. go to They have a brand new screaming yellow, chrome 5 stars, leather, ect. for $17,999. I don't know where you're located, but people from all over the US go to Brandon Ford because they have such good deals.
  18. Has anyone else delt with Brandon Ford? Are they offering only the exact vehicle at that price? I went to a big dealer in Atlanta (Gwinnet Ford sp) and the cars at that price were no longer available. :bang:
  19. I bought my premium gt for $17995 in Feb. After tax and all that is was slightly over $20k. Didnt have to haggle or anything. I had an ad for a deluxe at one dealership for $16995 but they tried to screw me over with APR and extra coverage and all that. I took the ad to the dealer down the street and they said they would give me the premium for $1k more but that they only had one and it was red. I told them i wanted black and started walking out the door and before i took 5 steps he said he found one for was done with no price haggling. Just find a way to go in armed and they will work with you. My car went from $25,770 sticker to $17,995....about $8k off MSRP = not a bad deal! :banana:
  20. Every week, Brandon Ford has an advert for a GT for less than $19k. Sometimes they even run ads saying "Are you tired of phoning dealers and them saying we are sold out of that special offer? We don't do that because we have a massive inventory etc etc etc"

    So basically, you should be able to go to Brandon Ford and get a new GT Premium off them for less than $19K. If they say they are "sold out" of that deal, you can hit them with a "right back atcha" at their advertising. But I doubt it would come to that, they do have a massive turnover of Mustangs and have always done better deals than elsewhere. :) Try them out, give em a call and see what they say