buying an 04 tomorrow. is this right?

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  1. I have been thru 3 new cars since 1999. I was screwed in 02 but received on hell of a deal for my 03 GT Premium. Brand new with the plastic still on it full leather package and so forth for 26,000. But I still lost 5,000 once I drove it off the lot. Like everyone is saying be aggresive and take nothing less than what you want. If you don't like what they are saying just walk away. I made plenty of mistakes with car dealers but now I am done with the 03.
  2. $26,000!? That's no deal at all. That's sticker.
  3. Just call their toll free number and ask. There is only one stock number listed, but tomorrow there may be more. Their ads change DAILY and their deals are always awesome. I attached the ad from today.

    Also, I have actually bought a car from Brandon Ford. Recently we bought a Focus that stickered for $16,500 for $9,700!!!! For the mathematically challenged, that is 41% off sticker!!! Also, my friend just bought a New EB Explorer from them... sticker= $36k.... Bought for= $24k. I wouldn't believe it if I didn't actually buy from them myself, but the deals really are that good.

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  4. I payed 21,500 for mine, but its getting closer to the end of the year. he should be able to come down a little more since the 05's will soon be coming out, they can't be selling as many mustang because a lot of people are waiting for the new mustang
  5. I was looking at the EB Expedition they advertised. Thanks for the input, it is really good to here. It's not that far of a drive for me and that's a hell of a savings over the prices around my area. :D
  6. people come one, do you think they can sell the cars that much cheaper than your neighborhood ford store?
  7. The simple answer is YES.

    They are the #1 Sport Trak Dealer in the WORLD
    They are the #1 Roush Dealer in the WORLD
    They were the #1 FORD dealer in the WORLD a couple months ago

    and most importantly

    They go back and forth with a SoCal dealer for #1 MUSTANG dealer in the WORLD.

    A month ago they had 295 Mustangs in stock!!! When you sell that many Mustangs, you don't have to make as much on every one. And, if you lose a little money selling one for less than invoice but get great advertising in return, you can easily make up the difference later.
  8. industry experience?
  9. You can get it online for around 200 or so. You don't have to buy it at the time of the purchase.
  10. i would only suggest buying gap from the dealer or a financial institution. i have seen too much bs happen from people buying cheap warranties and gap online and the company not being there when they need it
  11. instead of waiting for your reply, i will tell you that there are different levels of kickbacks for dealers and volume, but there are plenty of stores in florida that outsell brandon. almost any store could do those numbers, no reason to drive that far.
  12. When I got my Cobra a few weeks ago I got a price from a dealership for a yellow cobra they had advertised. Got them down to 26500 for it...decided I didn't like the color so I called another dealership and told them that they offered me 26000 for a yellow one but I like redfire better. They agreed and told them they offered me a minimum trade for my GT 14500 which they didn't again they agreed.

    Now I am driving an 03 Cobra insted of my GT for 250 a month.

    Just learn how to negotiate with them and if all else fails lie....god knows the salesmen will...
  13. Brand new on the lot they had the sticker at 31,000. Even brand new with only 3 miles on it you still think that it was over priced. At the time I thought I was getting a deal, must of been one hell of a salesman, LOL! Oh well still happy w/the results.
  14. Anyone else?