Bullitt Buying Bullit

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by bdubb, Feb 15, 2004.

  1. I came across a Bullit in my area for $18,599. The car has 30,000 miles and appears to be stock. It drove nicely but could use a slight alignment. The only blemishes I came across are: Third brake light scracthed up some on top, Driver seat leather worn some from getting in and out of the car, touch up paint on the driver's door edge from opening into objects, and slight glass/tint glitch on back window drivers side at the top of the molding. I am looking to buy this car, but I am thinking they may be asking a little too much and I want the opinions of those of you who are more knowledgable on the subject than I am.

    Thank you, and a prompt response would help since I may go through with this early next week if I feel the deal is appropriate.

  2. That sounds a bit much for a Bullitt w/ 30k. The brakelight is a common issue, so is the seat.

    Go to IMBOC.com for more help. There is a 'for sale' section to help you.
  3. I bought mine with that mileage for $16K
  4. I just bought a Bullitt today and the Bank appraised it at close to $18,000. It is DHG I forget the #, but the rims are painted DHG to match :D It has the six disc changer and it only has 12K miles. I wont say what I bought it for, but I bought it because it was a good deal and I plan to re-sell it in a month or two after adding Off road H, cold air, possibly King Cobra and possibly gears. Bullitts come with the 3.55s right? Anyway I am looking to get top dollar because of its immaculate condition. Please help with appraisals. Would $18,500 be too much to ask for the Bullitt and cold air and H pipe? I am in San An but I can go to Houston or Austin to deliver. Thanks- David
  5. Hey anyone interested? I have a BULITT with only 3k miles. Excellent condition. Give me an e-mail or call me at 208.771.0379