Buying My First Fox Body Mustang Could Use Some Help

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  1. Hey gang, I'm in the process of buying my first fox body. I've looked at a lot of basket cases but came across a clean lx convertible in colypso green / white leather. Pretty clean with only a fender reprinted. Factory paint looks good with minor chips and dings that painless can remove. Under the hood is good. I can get this for just under $6k. Not sure if that's good or not. Car has 79k on it.
  2. Having a hard time uploading a pic from the iPads. Anybody know of away?
  3. Sounds like a reasonable buy. Good luck with your purchase and:welcome: To :SN:
  4. Thank you. What do you think of the white interior? Not sure I like the white.
  5. I'm on the fence about white interiors. They look good with that ext color but IMO hard to keep clean and looking good. They tend to wear noticeably. You could eventually swap it for a black int if you wanted to. If it's in good condition and you like it I say go for it. Wouldn't be a deal breaker for me
  6. Thanks. That's exactly my feeling. I'm more of a coupe guy and just happened to come into this one.

    I would definitely prefer the black interior.
  7. Where is the car that you are looking at located?
  8. New York. Supposedly a FL car. Car fax has it in NY for 6 years, then FL for a while and then back to NY.
  9. I should also note that the car has an issue with the pwr door locks. They don't work but work with the alarm. Seems weird and I will need to look at it if purchased. Also, the rear driverside window seems to be off track.
  10. Little nervous about one fender being repainted- normally an indication of an accident. Check the crumble zone on the inner fender and the gaps...Pull the carfax/autocheck on any car before purchasing. Power door locks/windows failing are a common ailment and are usually a motor or switch.
  11. You must live where the sun don't shine much if you want a black interior. Or you like hot cross buns.:eek: I have one car with black vinyl seats and put a towel over them in the summer.
  12. Car fax didn't show anything when I pulled it. The fender was definitely off the car, it's obvious with the way the original paint was done.

    I'll have to check the crumble zone close. The gaps look okay.
  13. Yum hot buns. Now I'm hungry. Thanks. F'ing diet
  14. Check for rust EVERYWHERE!!! I hate northern cars with a passion. lol. The locks are probably acting up becasue of the aftermarket alarm. Yank that crap out asap if you get the car.
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  15. Well the guy raised his price when people started to bid on eBay. His reserve was met and he doesn't list anything I found.

    He told me when I checked the car out, I was looking like it was a brand new car. lol. I checked the car out. Didn't know there was a difference between checking out a car to see what works and what doesn't.

    The search continues. If the buyer falls through. I'm sure my phone will ring