Buying My First Mustang

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  1. Hey All!

    gwav8or here.

    I'm thinking about buying my first mustang. I've always wanted one and have decided I shouldn't wait any longer! :)

    Anyway, I've found a 2011 GT Premium that I'm quickly falling in love with. Took it and a 2010 GT for a test drive today and have to say the 2011 is by far a better car.

    I found something strange on the 2011 GT. On the driver side, on the lower left portion of the dash there is a toggle switch. I can't seem to figure out what it is other than that it was definitely added after market. Below is a link to the car I'm thinking about buying. You can see the toggle in one of the pictures. Any ideas? I know there's no way you folks can tell me exactly what it is, I'm just looking for some suggestions......

    Any suggestions are very helpful!

    Thanks a bunch!
  2. For that price, keep looking, Get a 6 speed manual.
  3. no way would i buy a modded car, especially something with a toggle switch spliced into the wiring harness. i guarantee you that cars had the snot beat out of it, it probably has a tune on it and a voided powertrain warranty too.
  4. Yeah i would definitely pass on that one. You'll find one you like. Don't rush it.
  5. Well, that toggle switch could be anything really. I can tell you that I installed some fog lights one one of my previous cars which required me to run the wiring through the firewall and I placed my toggle switch in that exact same spot and I did not splice anything, it just had its own power and ground cable to connect directly to the battery. When I got ready to sell the car, I romoved the fog lights so I could use them on my next vehicle. The switch I used was kinda permanent though so i just left it there so it would be a ready auxillary switch the next owner could use for something. So it may be something as simple as that. Only way to find out is to follow the wires and see where it leads to, but if you find that it was spliced in with other factory wires, I would pass and keep looking, theres not a shortage of mustangs out there. haha.