Buying New Tires In A Non-stock Size

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by bigjimmy, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. I have a near bone-stock Mustang 5.0 LX ragtop and it has worn out tires on it. I am wanting to have a car that looks stock to the casual observer but I want it to have a nice hunkered down look so that someone might say "that thing looks stock, but I don't remember em looking quite that good". Stock size tires are 225/55-16's, I am about to buy a set of 245/50-16's--they are nearly identical to stock in height but 20mm wider. I think they will fit just fine, but I have learned there are plenty of guys who have considered this stuff before me, and it's wise to mention it here before buying the tires. They will go on the standard silver LX 5-spoke rims from the factory. (16x7)
    Once the tires are on I will fine-tune the stance, the suspension, and alignment.
  2. been there, done that, works fine
  3. Wider, shorter or taller tires will not affect the alinement (old spelling on purpose, not just no coffee) like other methods of raising and lowering the suspension will.

    As far as filling out the wheel well and looking good, sounds like you have it calculated as much as you can without mounting and measuring.
  4. I've tries several different sizes on the front of the car and would advise to run the stock size up front. My experience has been that anything other than the stock size up front wants to tram and follow road imperfections, especially when braking/coming to a stop.
  5. I have 245/50 16's on the front of mine (88 gt) and they fit great, track decent (it is a fox afterall). I do rub SLIGHTLY on a full lock right turn going over bumps lol. They look better, fit great (slight buldge of side wall) and track decent for a 25 year old car with all stock suspension.
  6. 245 50 16's on my old pony wheels, no prob on an 88 Lx hatch