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  1. I want to share this with everyone. When buying replacement parts from advance auto parts you can save alot of money buying online using coupon codes and picking up in the store. There is a coupon code(TRT41) that gets you 40$ off 100. I used it 2 seperate times today. Needed a battery..116$-40
    Bought a radiator and 1 gallon antifreeze..100.98-40$
    Got a new fan blade, another gallon antifreeze and a water pump. 72-25$ Used a 25$ off 70$ purchase.
    You must order seperately to use the coupon several times. I saved myself 105$ just by doing this. The guy in line next to me paid full price.
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  2. Wow. Will definetly give that a try. Is this an expiring coupon code?

  3. I have used it for the last year.. Lol all you have to do is google advance coupons.. Retailmenot is the website I use for coupons
  4. I use that all the time....:banana:... Free shipping right to your door too!
  5. Yeah free if you spend 75$ I think
  6. anytime you order over 85 dollars online you get a discount. I usually order online and have it shipped to the store. usually covers tax and then some.

  7. Solid! :hail: you saved me money! Let me know if you find other deals.. Thanks.
  8. Glad I saved someone
  9. How much did you save?
  10. I use code TRT30 about once a week! 30% off a $50 order woot woot
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  11. fyi. google advance auto parts coupon codes and go to retail me not's sight. these codes do change. i used VISA for over a year and got 40% off all orders. had them shipped to the store and saved tons of cash. that code is gone. there are twenty different codes on the sight for various things and some for just general purchases. take a look.
  12. That's the same site I use for my codes.
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