Buying Suspension Kit. Is There A Big Difference Between Coupe & Convertible Sp

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Spiney, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. AM has a clearance sale on a Bilstein Suspension kit for SN95 convertibles. It consist of springs plus shocks & struts. Issue is I have a 96 Cobra coupe. According to the specs the convertible weighs 195 lbs more. Would this really make much of a difference? Should I call AM or Bilstein and see what they have to say? If it works, I hope to pick it up at the AM show on Sunday.

    My other option in this price range of $700-800 would be Eibach springs and KYB adjustable shocks. Its been recommended to go with coil overs or Konis but both are out of my price range.

    I'm looking to lower the car, and get increased handling. I ocaissionally drag race just for fun and can't afford track days. So maybe I don't even need adjustables. I know from past experience that Bilsteins are very good shocks. I had them on a 1978 Saab Turbo EMS and it cornered like crazy.

    Thanks, Dave