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  1. As long as everything checks out, this will be the donor for my interior swap.

    The guy said he bought it at auction and seems pretty clueless, but here's what I see from the pics:
    - 5 lug conversion (wow!)
    - 94+ Cobra brakes with proportioning valve (wow!)
    - adjustable caster/camber plates
    - 94-98 Cobra wheels
    - BBK elbow and conical filter (MAF and TB look stock, no?)
    - Cobra grill insert
    - 3G alternator
    - LX tails... (It sure seems like a GT, but note the missing fogs too...could be a 4cyl car originally?)
    - Lower than stock (?)

    At $2,500, it will definitely be worth the money. I plan to swap my torn up raggedy grey interior for this black interior. Seller claims 140k miles. Apparently, everything runs fine and the car has passed smog. I'm sure there's more than meets the eye, but I don't really care. I care about the interior alone, and that seems not perfect but a great start, especially if I can complete the swap for $0 difference between purchase and resale.

    If it truly does run fine, I'll have a little fun racing the 4-bangers at the local scene. Clearly, at some point someone loved this car and sunk a little money into it. The body (driver's side) looks fairly straight, but the door is not in perfect alignment. The interior looks pretty good. I already have some black door panels in nice condition. The dash and console look nice.

    I know it's not a big deal, but I always get excited about the prospect of enjoying another fox!

    A buddy of mine said you could tell from the steering wheel if it was a 4 cyl lx. Is that true? Any thoughts/observations?

    00D0D_4yXxUFpgcbA_1200x900.jpg 01212_anZ8gXdvgnm_1200x900.jpg 00G0G_lHkR3VgJQyH_1200x900.jpg 00I0I_coUXtUNJU1x_1200x900.jpg 00l0l_kfMKdlbKpjT_1200x900 (1).jpg 00l0l_kfMKdlbKpjT_1200x900.jpg 00M0M_2cDYZV4DWoW_1200x900.jpg 00U0U_csNyB53Rcmf_1200x900.jpg
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  2. I wish I had a good answer for you, i seem to understand d the 4is better. For $2500 though, seems like it would work out great for you though. Parting it out should pay for the initial investment, i would think.

    You're at Ft. Ord now? I was there with the 7th ID back in '83-'84. I had an apartment in Carmel with a buddy of mine back then. It was nice when we were actually in garrison.
  3. It's really less of a question and more sharing. Just directing attention to any observations that the other fox experts know more about. Ord is closed. There's a university on it and some garrison offices for Presidio. I'm going to school at the Naval Postgraduate School, now.
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  4. Yeah, The fort was deactivated a while back. My brother in law used some of the old family housing out there maybe ten years ago when he was at the presidio.

    Naval Post graduate school? Damn, good for you brother. You are doing well.

    i just chimed in since I hadn't heard much lately from you. Getting old I guess, lol.
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  5. Thank you, Dave. I feel blessed to go to school on the Army's dime, full time to earn an MS degree, have a guaranteed job lined up in a field that pays well as a civilian, too.

    Yeah, I've posted here and there, but I've been pretty busy with school, and I decided I've used up my quota of bitching on here. I chose not to get on here and bitch about my latest quandary over my McLeod clutch (2.5 months and 3 returns to McLeod, 4 installations, to get it rebuilt right. I now have $4k just in this clutch). My car is friggen soap opera, lol. But, it seems right this time *crosses fingers*.

    I deleted my build thread. If there's to be another thread about that car, it's going be a positive one that is not full of problems.
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  6. @Mustang5L5 for any observations about the brakes on this car.
  7. Lol, I dig that brother.

    It has been a long haul for you, tough to do a build while active duty. It's hard on me and my butt has grown roots!

    A build thread without problems huh? Ok......:rlaugh:
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  8. If you look at the vin, the 8th letter is the engine code. If it's an E it's a V8. If it's a D it's a Cobra! I don't remember what the 4 cyl code is...
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  9. Def not a cobra. Don't have the VIN yet.
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  10. Hard to see from the pics, but it looks like a 94-98 Cobra front setup, and i see what looks like an SN95 booster, and adjustable prop valve. Can't see what's out back though. Will need better pics.

    You going to swap that stuff all over?
  11. Interior looks original to the car. Steering wheel is the leather wrapped sport wheel, so all in all it looks like an original GT.

    Those seats are the 92-93 version. What year is the car?
  12. 8th letter on vin is M if a 4 banger
  13. Well that sucks!

    It was a good deal though......:nonono:

  14. I learned all I need to know about my naval by the time I was 5. I can't believe there's a whole school for this. :nonono:
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  15. I was looking forward to seeing that came get put together ... There will be more.
  16. If you can get a Master's in Puppetry Arts, why not your naval?

    Do graduates get to say they're the Master of Puppets? Does Metallica mind if they do?
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  17. Yeah. When real deals come along you cannot hesitate. I bookmark Craigs postings and the good ones don’t last very long at all.
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