Buying wheels for my car need help and opinions

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  1. Hello everyone, I haven't been around a whole lot lately because my wife and I just moved into our new house and we got a puppy at the same time (which was a VERY bad idea). Anyway, I'm still on my quest to run 11's NA, but I just have to get new wheels. I hate mine. I plan to sell them once I get new ones and buy a set of drag wheels. I have 16's on the car now, and swore I was getting 17's when I bought new ones, but 18's have been calling my name lately. With the way my garage is, there is NO WAY I can lower my car, so I think the 18's will help the wheel gap appear not to be as large. I DO NOT want cobra R's, '00 Cobra R's, etc. I want a shiny wheel, I prefer a polished aluminum wheel because I haven't had any luck with chrome... it always flakes on me, but I may still go that route. I'm looking into the '99-newer 18" saleen wheels, but I want something kind of different. Ideally I want a set of HRE's, but I refuse to pay $900+ per wheel. I also want a little different offset in the back or a wider wheel to help cure the "tucked in look" our cars are notorious for. Any suggestions are VERY apprteciated.

    BTW- anyone know what kind of wheels these are?
  2. Congrats on the house.

    Since your a fan of racing, have you seen Oink's new set up? A set of 18's is nice but the sidewall won't be good for drag racing.
  3. Thanks Joe! As for oink's new wheels, yes I saw them. I know 18's are useless on the drag strip, that's why I said I will be buying a set of drag wheels too when I sell my current wheels. Actually, all I need is 2 front skinnies for this year as I have the 16" ET streets mounted on stock waffle wheels which is what I now run at the track anyway.

    Here is another set of wheels I found that I like, but I can not fins any info on them. They are called Rezak wheels. Here's a pic:


    Here's more on the above car:
  4. Those are really nice. Looks like BBS type wheels.
  5. check out for the saleen replicas. they even have a new 10" rear size saleens. 18X9 chrome is $1100 and 18X9 w/18X10 is $1159 chrome per set. Not bad if you ask me
  6. Killer, this might be a little old, but how about a 18" polished Bullet wheel. I hate picking wheels out for convertibles because you have to find something that will mesh with two colors, not one. It's a PITA.

  7. how about a set of 99 pollished cobra wheels i happen to know where there is a nice set with drag radials already mounted on the back!just add some spacers to the back ones and your all set! :D
  8. Before going with something similar to those BBS type wheels, consider that those are a PITA to clean wheel. You have to take your time if you want it to look decent, not half a donkey's butt. That's where the 5 spoke design is handy.

    Just my 2 cents. :)
  9. A guy I know has a set on his 97 Cobra and they fill the rear fender very very well, on a 8" rim :shrug: . The Saleen wheels look very nice also.
  10. 18x9 inch Mach 1 rims from AFS??? the chrome with black looks pretty sweet....they make the 03 cobra wheels in 18's too
  11. killer, those rezak's are amazing. i wanted to get those so bad, but being 17 and on a limited income. i had to go with chrome 03 cobras. i remember trying to find them and i think they are made in europe, but i could be wrong. i would go for those. by the way, i think those wheels on the mustangworld car are three piece racing hart C2's. but those have a bigger dish and different offset.

  12. str8stang036- That is exactly the ones I've been looking at. However, wheelreplicas is coming out with a polished saleen type wheel in a month, they don't have details yet as to whether or not it will be available in 18X10 or not.

    Joe- my wife LOVES the bullitt style wheel, its her favorite. I personally don't care for it all that much because it reminds me of ever redneck with an old camaro... they all had that style of wheel. I do like the torque thrust II's, but I hear they don't clear cobra brakes surprisingly, and I hope to upgrade to them someday.

    Troy- I like your cobra wheels, but when I buy this set of wheels they are going to be on the car for a LONG time and I don't love the 99 cobra wheels enough to satisfy me that long.

    sauce5201- Which wheels did you mean, the link showed me all the wheels, but not one set in particular. As for the FR500, I've only seen one pic on the net of them on a car and I did not like it. If you know of any other pics let me know.

    atlblue2000- I really like that wheel, but with my chrome roll bar, and other chrome/polished accents I need something shiny. The price is nice on them though.

    VIPERn94Five-0- I HATE that wheel, I think its the worst wheel to go on a newer stang. I sort of like the CDC magnum 500 type wheel, but I hate the Mach wheel.

    DARK-5.0- where did you find info on Rezak. I have searched for everything I could think of on google and I haven't come up with a thing. I did find out that they are called Work Rezak wheels, but that's it.

    I want an "expensive" looking wheel, that't the b est way I can describe it. I want something that looks like it belongs on a ferrari or something. I like the deep dish look, as well as a multi-piece look too. I love it when the rear wheel has more of a lip than the front due to its width and backspacing, but they are not easy to find. If anyone knows of anything along these lines, let me know.

    Thanks everyone!
  13. Actually BF Goodrich just came out with 18 inch Drag Radials, very nice.

  14. as for the bbs i like the RK and the RK Plasma
  15. the bullit rims will clear cobra brakes....Because the bullit's come with cobra brakes they just say bullit not cobra
  16. I'm a big fan of BBS wheels...they have that "racecar" look to them, and look very at home on a Stang
  17. He said he doesn't like the Bullit wheels, but he does like the Torq Thrust II's which will not clear the Bullit/Cobra brakes.

    Killer, still in the same ball park, how about Cragar's S/S wheels? They are my favorite 5 spoke wheel out there.

  18. wait for the polished saleens you heard about. Give them a call and ask if they are going to have 18X10 in those.