Bypassing/removing Crane Ignition Box

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  1. In a previous thread I discussed a crank but no start issue on my 90 gt.Figured out my crane hi6 box is shot.I disconnected it.The question I have is there is one orange and one black wire coming out of the two pin connector coming from the top of the FACTORY coil...and a two pin connector from the FACTORY harness near the coil with one white wire and one red wire.These went to the crane harness, color coordinated plug and play.But where do these four FACTORY wires go now that I have removed the box? looks simple but im baffled.If they were same color wires then that would be easy just splice toghther but obviously they are is down just want to get these four wires right n fire her up! THANKS
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  2. I just had the same issue.... My two factory wires are red and black, and my two Crane coil wires are orange and black. I made up short connectors with the correct spades to connect black to black, and red to orange. Good luck!
  3. SO YOU DISCONNECTED YOUR BOX IS THAT CORRECT? If so red ignition coil to orange out of factory harness and white ignition coil to black factory that what you did to remove the box?
  4. To disconnect the Crane Hi 6 box, I disconnected the large red wire (that went to the solenoid main +12V power), and the small red and white conductors (that went to the factory red and green (I thought it was black, but after looking closer a minute ago, it's actually dark green) wires that originally went to the factory coil. Then I connected those factory red and green wires back to the coil, and everything works perfectly.
  5. Was easy as soon as I figured it out lol...fired right up and idle is smoother...figures.