C,mon Noobz what's wrong with sharing

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  2. Like this post if you found it easier to watch this video with the sound off. :nice:
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  3. tangless

    You been around long enough to know what was wrong with it. :notnice:

    I find ads/spam in this one, it's going to the same place. :D
  4. Seems abit hypocritical from a site that randomly diverts members to ticketmaster
  5. ROTFL......sounds very "discouraging". :rlaugh:
  6. Alright "Ontario", used to spend two weeks of every year up at lake Nipissing. Still my opinion...Walleyes are the best tasting fish in North America.
  7. You know where the door is at. :zipit:
  8. Ya I looked for the door and couldn't find it. Anyways, Mustang Club of America featured the song on their FB page and contacted me asking if they could use the song for promotional videos. Good times