"C" springs or "B" springs?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by DemonGT, May 18, 2005.

  1. want to get new springs....wondering what the pros and cons are to the FMS c springs and b springs and how much each lowers car...

    i plan on switching to 03 cobra wheels in the future
  2. I have the C springs on my 4cyl car and I like them but it didnt drop very far. They were stiff as all hell for the first month I had them on there but they feel pretty good now. They will probably drop a little more on a V8 car but I wouldnt expect much more than an inch or so. My notch dropped probably 1" in back and 1/2" in front. They are real easy to install since they are shorter than the stock ones but I bet the B springs would require a compressor since they are variable rate.
  3. I have B springs on mine. Lowered it just right IMO. Ride is fine, but I don't drive the car much.
  4. Just had B springs put on mine this past weekend. Looks great. Looks like it dropped just over an inch. I'll post some pics later. Can't go wrong with the B springs.

    DemonGT, my older brother lives in Sparta, WI. Must be a small world. I'll post up some pics once I get the Stang cleaned.
  5. FMS C springs all the way...

    Here is mine with the C springs with 1 coil cut off the rear springs.
  6. I also have c springs, you get about 1" drop they are a little stiff, you want more drop go with eibach pro-kit you get about 1 1/2" drop good ride, and if you want that slam look go with the sportline kit 2" just stiff as hell!
  7. I got C Springs, and I'm very please with them... only drawback I've had was the rears rubbing my quads/sometimes tha tails (275s) but I added a 1/4" spacer and I haven't had a problem since... The fronts (245s) rub on the inner fender well like right in the front if I go over a big bump or something, just contacts the plastic fender well part, so no big deal... I'm very pleased with them.

  8. Here's a picture of mine with the c spring, the front lowered close to an inch and maybe a 1/2 to 3/4 of inch in the back.

  9. I have BRAND NEW c-springs for sale....link in sig :D
  10. nice car lol
  11. what if you have lift bars in the rear... which spirngs would you get? (lakewood liftbars)
  12. seems like i might like the B springs...but i like both...but i dont want it to low..dont want to buy camber plates ect...seems like the c springs are the most popular...havnt seen meny pics of cars with the b springs

    how hard is it to install springs in front? can it be done easyly with spring compressors??

    hamonkeiser - it really is a small world..as sparta is NOT very big...dose your brother have a stang??