C4 Installed Have A Few Questions?

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  1. Ok i dropped the car off yesterday and i picked up the car today.lol...They got the stock AOD shifter to work i like it ...Looks stealthy but i might change it down the road to a Hurst Quarter stick...Anyways while driving it home i noticed a cloud of like smoke behind it,When i got home it was dripping fluid looks like it was out of the vent....is it overfilled ??? How many quarts does it take to fill it with the convertor...?? Also some people said i might need a catch can off the vent if so how do i do that?....thanks for any help...Oh if it is overfilled will it find its level and settle...thanks....Plus the car is way Faster...lol...
  2. Hard to say how much it'll hold. Depends on how big of a cooler ya got, how deep of a pan, and size of the converter. Just get it up to operating temp and check the level, that's all you can do. FYI on a fresh build, the clutches and bands will absorb a little bit of fluid so if the trans was fresh the level will go down a little overnight but not much. Honestly if I were you I would take it back to the shop and tell them this stuff, they did the work and if they did something incorrectly they should make it right.
  3. Yeah if its over filled its not a big deal i will drain it...it has a drain plug..What uis the best way to check it tho..i hear so many different things...In park while running..neutral while running and ive heard in Drive while running...this morning i got up and the car was cold...just pulled the stick out not running it was way overfilled....
  4. Overfilled can be bad for the trans

    I would really question the shop if they overfilled the thing, what else could they have "meh, good enough" to get it done.
  5. True i didnt drive it much just home..i will be draining it today...and getting the level back to were it should be...The rest of the install looks great tho...i will see...
  6. When it's not running it's gonna be way over full because no fluid is being circulated. Fords circulate fluid in all gears and park, doesn't matter what you have the gear selector in just as long as the car is running
  7. Thanks I drained the fluid and got it on the lower side of the cross hatches no more overflowing i took it out beat on it a little WOW is all i can say its FAST...LOL......
  8. C4's are a lot more efficient than AOD's. You'll probably put down more power on a dyno lol
  9. It sure does feel way better thats for sure..lol
  10. How can a trans shop build/install the trans and not road test it? This should have been all sorted out before you picked the car up..:shrug:
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  11. I fully agree with Bullitt's comment. Seeing as it's a street car, they should have driven it a few miles and checked fluid level before and after test drive. Now if this was a dedicated drag car and it had slicks then I'd understand why it wouldn't have been driven on the street. But even running something out on the lift you should still get closer to the proper level than so overfull it's coming out of the vent.
  12. Well i agree, it wasnt that overfilled...and it came out after i took the car out and beat on it...it was over 90 degrees out also they did not build the Trans Art Car did...all he did was install it for me....i had no time to do the install myself or i would have...Also in a way im glad he didnt take it out and beat on it..i would have rather did that...you not talking a 200 hp mustang...lol..this is 500 rwhp...lol...him not be using to it he could have cracked it up...so being it was a little overfilled is better then blowing something up...:rlaugh: