C4 Kickdown Problem

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  1. OK sorry for the intrusion here with a Stang II but I have a trany issue I need help on, I'm putting a 302 in my Stang II and I just got a C4 transmission for it, its a pre 70 model, in fact I think its a 66 as the date code is C6 whatever, anyway its been out not under cover for a long time, I'm going to rebuild it before I put it in, but in my haste and impatience I didn't soak all the bolts, and in turn broke off the bolt that holds on the kickdown lever, so I need to replace that shaft, but every one I have found is for a 70 and up trans, so my question is, is this shaft different on the 70 and up or is it the same, and if its not does anyone know where I might get one to fit the 66 C4, Thanks All
  2. The 65 66 transmission is know a green dot transmission .Really not the best for your application . In L, or low it stays in low but in green dot drive it takes off in second gear and will shift to third .Drive is 1,2,3 .The transmission for your Mustang ll ,low is low, second is second only, and drive is 1,2,3 .A c4 from 67 up would be better .
  3. But the one I have was given to me, and I'm having a hard time finding what I want in a junk yard, and as I lost my job last month, its now just a matter of being able to drive the damn thing, so I'm now on a budget, but I still need to know if the kickdown shaft is different on the 70 and up or is it the same as on the 66, and if its not does anyone know where I might get one to fit the 66 C4
  4. I am not sure if the Shaft is the same or not but i am sure @rbohm does
  5. i believe they are going to be either the same or very similar. one nice thing though about the C4 is that it doesnt need to have the kick down rod in place to drive the car, since the only thing it controls is the point at which the trans kicks down under power.
  6. OH! so now I'm thinking I'll just leave the shaft in place and just not put the lever back on, this will give me a cleaner engine bay as there will be one less linkage, and I will be putting in a B&M ratchet shifter like the one I put in my 05 anyway, so when I want a gear I just smack it once and we're good to go.
    So thank you both for all of this info, it's been a great help, by the way Horse Sence, the trans starting in 2nd really shouldn't be an issue as the 302 I'm putting in has quite a bit more HP than an original II 302, and the car is very light, and if I'm racing I do my own shifting any way, however this build is a temporary stop gap so I can have some fun with it this summer, hopefully things will be much better for me financially next year and I plan to pull the engine and have the block redone at 10:1 compression and then slap a pair of P38 heads on it, so in lieu of the info you gave me I may revisit the whole transmission thing, the nice thing is that I will already have the bell housing and flexplate that is needed to fit the C4 in place {that is without scouring the country for a 141 flex, bell and converter} and then its just a matter of the right C4 bolted to my bell, again thanks, this has been quite helpful.