Drivetrain C4 not cooperating

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by delmo408, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. New problem. When cold, the car starts in "park" and I can shift into reverse and the car goes backwards. When hot, the car won't start in "park", but will in neutral, and when I shift into reverse I can hear the gears engage, but nothing happens. The neutral safety switch has been replaced and re-adjusted a couple of times to no avail. The reverse issue just started. Is there a connection between the two?

    The transmission dipstick, if anything, reads over-filled. I'm even wondering if the folks before me put GM fluid in the transmission. It was a very VERY light pink, and very VERY thin.

    Any thoughts? Time for that new AOD?
  2. in park it should start hot or cold .would have to be the neutral safty switch or a bad coil. does it turn over hot or cold?
  3. The coil is brand new, battery is new and a new 140 amp alternator. It doesn't turn over in park when hot. No click of a solenoid or anything. Just dead.
  4. hold your foot on the brake and turn the key and rock the shifter forward and back and see if it hits must be a bad safty switch. you could also try unpluging the safty switch at the fire wall and jump the two red with black wires,remember that it will start in any gear this way but it will let you know if it is the switch
  5. I'll try that next. Do you think heat has anything to do with it? As in the switch gets hot, the plastic expands and mis-aligns with the contacts? Why won't it work after the car has been running but does when it hasn't been?
  6. could be the contacts ,could be a whire
  7. Just a note on the GM fluid thing, if it is mixed with type-f, it will aerate and look light pink (lots of tiny bubbles in it). If it sits for a day or two, pull the dip stick before you start it, and see if the trans fluid looks normal. If it does and looks light pink after running and over full, it may be time for that aod, rebuild, or you may be able to get away with draining ALL the fluid and replacing it. The over full condition (especially the way you worded it) also leads me to believe you have mixed fluid. As the fluid aerates (or foams up) the fluid level appears to go up because of all the air mixed in.

    I had the mixed fluid thing in my mustang when I first bought it, by the time I figured it out it was time for a rebuild.

    Good Luck!