C4 on the highway?

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  1. Hey guys, thinking of doing a manual to auto swap. I currently have a stockish 302 but am considering a 460 swap.. it would be fun ;) Does anyone have experience with a C4 trans on the highway? This would be a regular driver, and I know the C4's can handle the power of a 460... a built AODE would be a lot more expensive.

    Reason is the nearest track is 1.5 hours away on the highway, so I want to make sure it will still be reasonable for a long cruise.

  2. my personal experience

    Well my C4 A.O.D. on my stock 200HP daily driver 86gt runs smooth really smooth.The tall gears is great, i'm getting 16 mpg combined in this crowded city witch is no bad at all for a old V8 but it would be better in a suburban type of town.. It could use a shift kit i hardly feel the shifts, i hear it faintly thats how i know it shifted lol.I cruise at 65MPH at 2000 rpm...but i also have the stock gearing if i remember i think its 3.23's....
  3. If you go with a 460 than get a c6 not a c4.
  4. good call!
  5. +1 a c6 will stand up to the torque alot easier
  6. Yes as everyone mentioned the c-6 would be the auto of choice. If you want to know what driving a c-4 auto on the road will be like don't use your 5th gear. 3rd in the auto is a 1 to 1 ratio just like 4th is in your manual. So cruise around a bit on the highway in forth. One thing you will definetally need for that c-4/c-6 on the highway is a tranny oil cooler. Don't forget to put this piece in it is very important. As far as the BB bellhousing for a c-4 i found this sfi approved one.