c4 question...

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  1. The linkage that is mounted to the side of my C4...the one the shifter connects to..

    When it is pushed all the way fwd....is that park? And all the way back is low gear?

    Is it clear what im asking?

  2. Other way around :) Linkage (arm) pushed all the way back towards tail of transmission is park.
  3. whew, ya saved me on that one...LOL
  4. Except when the transmission came from a column shift car, then the link point is on the bottom instead of on top as in the floor shifter cars.Something to remember when hunting junkyard cores for C-4's and 6's

  5. Ahh yes, I should have remembered that :doh: I've only been working on console shifted cars lately.

    Thanks :hail2:
  6. I think I should have been more clear on my question, just to be sure I get the correct answer.

    I am switching to a cable shifter and the 'arm' on the linkage on the trans faces toward the ground. Moving the arm 'backwards' moves the linkage on the trans in a counterclockwise position.

    I SHOULD have asked....is the trans in park when the linkage is moved counterclockwise to lock or clockwise to lock?

  7. When you put on the arm for the shifter, push to the front of the car or turn the arm clockwise. There's park. You should feel it push back a little even.
  8. Now THAT is what I thought!!! ;)
  9. Theres one sure fire way to tell, just jack the rear up and when the trans is put into park, the tailshaft won't turn.

  10. that was going to be my next test