1. think ive made up my mind and over the weekend i will be pulling my T5 and all the manual trans stuff out of the car. which will go up for sale to help pay for the rest of the C4 swap. already have a fresh rebuild C4 with transbrake and all that fancy stuff.

    going up for sale
    T5 out of a 90Gt shifts fine hasnt given me any issues
    stock bell housing
    stock flywheel
    Zoom Kevlar clutch under 500 miles on it
    stock cable
    Quick release clutch Quadrent
    firewall adjuster
    stock pedal assembly

    still need
    Converter (not sure who im going with yet)
    Flexplate 50oz 157 tooth
    Shifter http://www.precisionperformance.com/kwik2.htm nicest shifters on the market
    trans cooler
    puke tank
    dipstick http://www.summitracing.com/parts/lok-xtd-30c4fm/overview/

    i will take pictures as i get stuff done along the way
  2. Dirty Dog or Edge Converter?
  3. I hate to say this: but I'm kinda leaning this way going forward myself. I love manuals but for consistency you just can't beat a proper auto. Fwiw I've heard good things about UCC converters.
  4. i can get a good deal from [email protected] dirty dog since he does converters for the shop i use to work for...

    but we have a good relationship with [email protected] custom converters also since he did the converters for the nitrous car.

    kinda comes down to cost and all that though. what ever it is. it will be custom! the Cam may be coming out also this winter i need to see how my shoulder looks at the Dr after new years... if i need surgery its going to but a hit in my budget for the car to say the least.
  5. Im guessing this is going to be more track then street?...I just took out a Art Car c4 rated at 1000 HP reverse manual VB...UCC 3500 stall convertor..I hated it...my car does see more street then track tho..Went back to a Lentech AOD...WAY WAY WAY better now.....for all out racing you cant beat a C4 but for street/strip i will always have an OD trans....
  6. its a "street car" with a spool 4.10's manual steering manual no heat no AC no passanger seat open header and ll that race car stuff lol
  7. Then you will be just fine...lol....I hated it because my car ran hotter...i couldnt go far because the car was Reving to much for my liking...just all around uncomfortable to drive...Now that i have the Manual VB lentech with a switch for OD...i love the car again...LOL...
  8. you running a manual lock up switch on the converter also???

    first things first for me going forward with the cam shaft is getting some numbers from @Rick_91Gt about my spring force currently to see where i can go with these springs
  9. They way this is set up from my understanding its a manual VB...no TV cable...no pressure to set..i shift it 1st 2nd 3rd...then when i want to put it into OD i turn off the power to trans it goes into OD....when i slow down i have to turn the power back on to take it out of OD..its an older Lentech VB....installed...with a Stallion PI top of line 3500 stall lockup
  10. PM'd you.
  11. I think I just found what shifter I am going to use in the race car! Looks nice and the price is reasonable.
  12. Is it a pain having to turn the power on and off or is it something that just becomes second nature? What controls the power is it a momentary switch or on/off toggle type deal?
  13. We have the kiwk shift 1 in the nitrous car and it's a bad ass piece!
  14. Its just an on and off switch..and its just like second nature....its right next to my shifter...so its easy to get to.
  15. Cool, thanks :nice:
  16. I was mad because the converter in my '89 is so loose, I thought I was spinning 4000+ in 3rd in a 45 zone. So the other day I cruised to the gym at 50mph with the LCD controller hooked up to the ECU. (because I don't have a tach)

    It was actually only 2100rpms. :D The car is just so loud it FEELS like it's turning high rpms.
  17. Lemme know if it needs tightened... Got a few tricks for that
  18. Thanks, I'll let you know. I have one more thing to try before I get desperate... (top secret).
  19. Well I had to take it out more time with the T5... And had to check the nitrous stuff... Let's just say HOLY :poo:! She pulls good that's for sure! But it's in the garage and I will have it up on jack stands tomorrow
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  20. I really wanted to see you crack into the ll's n/a and with a stick. Still rooting for you though.