1. If I can get the converter close it may do it with the c4
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  2. picked up a good size trans cooler out of a yukon and got it mounted... picked up a SFI approved flywheel also. along with the ARP fasteners this morning
  3. Shoulda picked up a trans cooler out of a 98-02 Powerstroke


    The smaller of the 2 is the one I'm talking about. They're pretty damn big. But the big boy in the pic is for the 5R110W (behind the junky 6.0 PSD). They're like the size of Fox Mustang AC condensors.
  4. hahaha i looked... i had the bottom one in my lightning.
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  5. Driving that beast to the gym?

    You are officially my hero. LOL
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  6. guess you havent seen the pictures of him on facebook... looks like Ice T and packs an AR15! hes straight up gangster!

    LOL @Sharad ill call you tomorrow to order the balancer also. your on my list with about every other company known to man who makes torque converters
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  7. LOL! Ice T with an AR15! :lol:
  8. new balancer showed up last night... hopefully i can get it installed tonight. just need to get some longer cap head screws since i have to run a spacer now

  9. c'mon i know im not the first to think you look like ice t

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  10. That is some funny stuff ^^
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  11. Balancer is in... hard to bring myself to work on the car when it's actually dropped below 40° in my garage. But going to grab the bolts tomorrow and get the length for people going forward
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  12. We should all put up pics that show who we are like that. I like him that much more now after seeing that love affair of a picture. And I hear you on the garage temp, we have been crazy cold here in IA the last few days and my garage is not heated. I have a new tranny to replace the C6 in my Ranger, but its waiting for spring!
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  13. yea the shop the race cars are in is heated and im getting spoiled by it.
  14. My wife would probably divorce me if I had a heated garage, I would live out there! Good luck with your swap, its tough working in the cold.
  15. My garage is not insulated. But for those cold days when I just need to be out there, I light up the kerosene heater. It does the job and makes the garage bearable for the few hours I may need it.

  16. I think if the floor was heated, it would be bearable.

    I did a hitch on a boat with heated bathroom floors once. Seems like a minor frill, but maaaaaaaaan, if I ever build a house, it's getting heated floors.
  17. A good friend of mine has a heated shop with heated floors 4 post lift and a big end mill. Sucks his pulling truck is always on the lift. It stays a nice 72° year round... kinda jealous
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  18. meh, thats too warm when your workin :rolleyes:
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  19. What can I say? I love my AR15! :D
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  20. you say that now but when its 9* outside and your in the shop in shorts and a t shirt its pretty nice