1. i guess cold beer fits the warm shop
  2. ordering the converter from pats monday...
    3400-3600 stall
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  3. ^^ Fancy!!
  4. and the best part is its half the price of UCC! after the :poo: we have put the nitrous car though and the pats converter in it never gave us any issues
  5. If I went turbo I was going to use UCC but def going to look at pat's first. :nice:
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  6. Steve over there is the man! he does converters for a lot of the local racers. IE.. Chris Evans and Don Burton to name a few
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  7. just talked to steve... 9" billet converter should be about 2 weeks
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  8. dipstick is on its way now also. went with a solid tube design. started looking into the lokars more and they have issues leaking and filling slowly
  9. What kind of stall speed did you settle on? Still going with the gt40-b cam or are you going to tweak it this year? Hopefully you can get 10sec blast out of it!:banana:
  10. yea its still a GT40 B cam set up

    stall speed should be between 3400-3600. steve agree'd with me that going looser wouldnt help anything since i have such a short power band.
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  11. You are better off with the hard tube. I hate my lokar for exactly the reason of taking forever to fill the dang trans...
  12. I couldn't get the solid/locking tube to fit on my car. So I have the Lokar, but it certainly isn't ideal.

  13. gahhhhh dont tell me that!
  14. Because Racecar.....lol
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  15. damn race car people!
    Sharad cant you see us street car guys are talking lol
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  16. just got a call from [email protected] converters. mine is done! wahooooooooooooooooo
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  17. Dude, Nick's car is like a ProMod now!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!
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  18. that is true....
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  19. 9 inches of billet goodness


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  20. New bell housing is on... converter is fitted up with the trans and flywheel. Backing plate is fitted up also. Just need to get off my ass and pull the pilot bearing out and get the trans bolted up

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