1. HAHA i need to resize it again...
  2. Fuel pump needs replaced shifter cable needs adjusted and a fee other small odds and ends. But she shifts HARD

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  3. Think it has an 11 in it?
  4. Lol not on motor. .. stalls to about 2800
  5. exhaust is going back on the car... been driving it around open header and just cant take it anymore
  6. Going to make it to the track before winter?

  7. dazed and confused :rolleyes:
  8. I'm trying... something is up with the nitrous stuff, it's not coming on at all.

    But I'm working on it lol
  9. took it out a bit last night still working on getting it running right on motor again.

    but it def feels strong for sure! need to get passenger side O2 bung welded in and extend those wires so i can get it in closed loop
  10. What shifter you get with your c4 and what fluid are you running in it? I've got my c4 but I had to take the fluid that was coming with it off the order because it was holding up the entire order. Just curious what your running in it.
  11. B&M shifter cut down with a Hurst pistol grip know

    And type F fluid
  12. Sweet thanks Derek, you still struggling with the nitrous stuff?
  13. Yea but haven't messed with it the last few nights. I think one of the relays is bad
  14. Hopefully it's just something that simple couldn't imagine it being something else
  15. yea... its pretty much the same as i had it wired before with the 5 speed just 1 less relay that controlled the 2 step on the clutch pedal after hitting the button on the shifter

    i have it with me today so i can look at it at lunch today with one of the electrical engineers
  16. welp the panel bench tested ok... WTF
  17. Everything worked? Must be a ground issue then or a knick in the wire
  18. the ground is fine because the heater , purge and the first relay is working. im thinking it has something to do with the wot switch. i need to double check its right
  19. Is that on the car or on the panel somewhere?
  20. It's all working now... just need a full bottle
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