C6 cheaper than C5!!!, will this help keep 07 Cobra prices down?

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  1. http://autoweek.com/cat_content.mv?...=carnews&loc_code=index&content_code=09324469

    The 400HP C6 Vette will be $1,305 cheaper than the 2004 C5 with manual tranny. Hopfully the SVT team relizes that if they give the Cobra base Vette performance, they still can't give it a Vette price.

    I know the SVT Cobra is said to be moving upscale, but a Mustang is still no Vette and shouldn't cost Vette money. A lot of people have been speculating that the Cobra with a S/C 5.4L would cost over $40K. Since the new Vette starts at $43K+ I'm hoping the 450HP+ Cobra will stay in the mid-$30K's

    The lower Vette price should be good for both Chevy and Ford fans. The two companies have done a great job in the HP wars, now lets hope the get into a war over who can give use that power/performance for the best price.:nice:
  2. ha. when do u buy a new car like that at sticker
  3. My friend bought his 2003 Cobra the first month they were out and he paid sticker, people were paying sticker for the Z06 when that came out too.
  4. Maybe a Corvette is in my future :nice:

    Anyways, both cars are going to be great!
  5. the c6 is cheaper than a C5 with a manual because the C6 comes with manual standard. It costs an extra 1000 to get a manual on the C5.
  6. cheaper is cheaper doesn't really matter how they got there.

    And while I don't think this will definately signal a lower price Cobra it would make me happy. Not because I would be able to get a new Cobra but maybe because I'd be able to pick up a special edition definately at or under 30k.
  7. That is true, on the C5 it was $900 for the M6 on the C6 is it free :D

    even the automatic C6 is cheaper but only buy $390. Most cars go up by 2% a year just due to infalation, so it is pretty remarkable that they can make the car more powerful, lighter, add HIDs, and a number of other improvements and still not raise the price.

    The Mustang has always been a pretty good performance value, I think they will keep the Cobra prices down and the cheaper faster Vette should insure they don't go crazy with pricing. I guess once Mustang GT pricing is anounced we should be able to get a better feel for how SE are going to get priced.
  8. I think the bow tie site you are looking for is the next door down
  9. What Chevy does with the Corvette has historically been very important, as SVT started taking dead aim at the Vette with the '03 Cobra. This thread belongs in here. Did a Chevy back over your dog or something? I sense bitterness....
  10. LOL!

    Pushrod envy? :D
  11. LOL. Was it that obvious?
  12. I'd rather see Ford make a Cobra that can go toe-to-toe with the Vette on road courses than see them try to under bid the Vette at the expense of performance and quality
  13. What i don't like is that it seems as though the Mustang is steadily rising in cost every year to the point that it will eventually be very close to the price of a vette. I know that adding power cost money but it gets to the point that the average enthusiast can't afford the car anymore. You have to remember that a huge portion of Mustang fans were younger people who couldn't afford a car like a vette but could afford a stripped LX 5.0L Then those same people could modify the car to their liking. Now its getting to the point where a $40K+ Cobra is out of most young people's price range and even those who can afford those big monthly payments might not be able to do any mods because there is no money left over. I believe that if they keep raising the price of the cobra and if the vette keeps a steady price that the cobra will get to the point where a ton of buyers will just buy a vette or neither.
    LOL, soon the cobra will be like the vette. Every one you see will have a guy in his mid-late 40's+ driving them. :D
  14. I don't think your argument holds water, you're comparing the affordability of a stripper mid-line model vs. a top of the line limited-production halo car.
    Exactly. That's why Ford has the GT model. The GT is still affordable to young people. When you look at the dollars, accounting for inflation and the value of a buck today vs. what it was 20 years ago, the new GT isn't that much more today in 2005 than the 5.0 LX was in 1985 (well, it's a touch pricier, but look at how much more car and all-around performance you get for your money). So the 2005 GT, with no options, is your LX of old. If Ford had produced a Cobra in the mid-80's, believe me, you wouldn't have been able to afford it then either. Young people have the GT to buy, the Cobra has NEVER been a car for financially struggling kids, just as the Cobra has been pricey throughout the 90's, the SVO was expensive in the mid-80's, and Shelby's were expensive in the 60's (about the same price as a Corvette cost at that time, for that matter :stick: ). You want the top Mustang, don't expect it at an "LX" price.
  15. Honestly I don't think Ford ever gave anyone any much reason to speculate over $40k for the car. People just speculated it would cost that much. Because it was going upscale after the BMW. With any luck when the cobra comes out. This speculation will be about as accurate as the guy who said the 05 would weigh 3700lbs.

  16. Agreed!
  17. I agree that they haven't said anything about pricing, its just speculation.

    I don't totally agree that the new GT is like the stripper LX of old, but i'm too damn lazy to think of a reason why...LOL.
  18. It's not quite like the stripper of old. But the young people who were buying the old LX. Likely weren't going to afford a saleen (Saleen or Roush were about the only things higher priced in the mustang line at that time.) either. So the whole comparision was slightly flawed.
  19. I tend to agree. A 1993 Mustang LX 5.0 coupe had an MSRP of $14,070. If you use the CPI as a guide, then the equivalent now would be $18k and change. Assuming $26k, the 2005 Mustang GT is definitely more expensive.... but you do get a lot more :D.

  20. I dont buy that logic. In 1993, the Cobra was a $20,000 car where a Vette was a $45,000. Ten years later, the Vette is still a $45,000 car and the Cobra is jumping up in $4,000 increments every few years. Whats up with that. At this rate, yeah the Cobra will be costing as much as a Vette with not as much to show for it. Well see what happens. But the fact of the matter is the Cobra is becoming more for 40 year old guys and less for 20 something year old guys.