C6 In A 1966 Stang?

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  1. I have a small block C6 that somebody wants to buy & put it into his 1966 Mustang but we do not if that is physically possible. I always thought the small block C6 was larger than the C4, does anyone out there have 1st hand knowledge as to if it fits or not?

  2. i know it will clear the floor pan .not sure about the trans. mount . it will clear a 67 -70 up if you use the big block trany mount.
  3. Chuck the C6 WILL NOT fit in the 65-66 trans tunnel, it is too wide. I own a 66 convt. Shelby clone. I just put in an AOD from Monster Transmissions. It bolted right up and fit with an aftermarket trans mount. Ron Morris Engineering made the trans mount. New electrical connection is needed and a new shifter. The swap kit from Monster ($2300) was well worth it. I bought a shifter from Hurst, V Magic, looks kick ass and works great.
  4. The small case c6 WILL fit a 65-6 car, had one in my car for a time with a 351w.