C6 Zo6 getting whipped by 05 stang

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  1. that z06 came out of the hole like a slug, i sure that car can be driven alot better.
  2. yeah drive the z06 right and it will rape an 05 gt by miles
  3. Let me get this strait......8.47 in the 1/8th on what looks like to be stock radials and the Mustang only has exhaust mods and CAI!!!!

    .....my ass! :bs:
  4. Doesn't the C6 Z06 run 11's stock :shrug: That was just a TERRIBLE driver. Not to mention 1/8 mile track racing is :bs:
  5. Then your ass. lol I know the guy and the car personally.
  6. Its not my car and I never said the stang is a better car than the zo6 just watch it and enjoy wtf.
  7. it's like whne i beat my friend with a 05' GTO i beat him cause he cant drive his car. Had it been a better driver the Z06 would've won
  8. Unfortunately as much as I like watching the GT win that battle, the Z06 would always win the war. In the 1/4, even with the ****ty driver, he'd have been owned (The Stang).

    The Z06 is a faster car.
  9. 1/8 mile tracks suck! I wish I was driving that vette cause then this thread would be called z06 kills stang in 1/8 mile.
  10. I could jump in that vette right now and I would DRIVE AWAY from ANY street legal/street tires N/A 05 GT. The vette will go mid 11 @ 125 in the 1/4. Closing in on 100MPH in the 1/8.

    So yea, Vette driver SUCKED. Whats sad is this 05 owner is now going to go around thinking he has a faster car than a 505HP vette :rlaugh: . Poor guy :nonono:

  11. haha that must suck to be him...
    "i roasted a z06 at the track the other day"
    "oh yeah? what year"
    :slight snickering from women in the background:
  12. poor driver or not.. the vette got killed. end of story.. the what if's can go on all night. Just like if I lost and said yeah but if I had a blower I would win,.. well ya dont and ya lost. :owned:
  13. that is very common around here. Most of the guys driving Z06's are old guys who were never into cars growing up and buy them because they think it will change their image. Most can't shift and are afraid to drive fast. So taking a Z06 isn't a big accomplishment in my area. Except one of my neighbors who has a cammed Z06 and auto X's with it. He won't hesitate to lay a set of 100ft strips of rubber in front of my house yelling go get one of those Cobras :)

  14. this is like seeing a stock civic beat a 2003 cobra... seriously.

    and in no way is that 05 a "z06 killa"... who are we kidding here?
  15. geez people.. if you lose you lose... can he beat Z06's on a consitant basis.. no. But he beat this one end of story. take it for what it is worth. No one is saying oh look the 05 stang is faster than a Z06. it is a fun video from the track of a crappy driver who has a fast car getting owned. Why the drama?
  16. Sports...ya have a bad game and loose, you loose.
    Tests...have a few brain farts and fail, you loose.
    Gunfights...you loose, you loose.
    Drags...you loose, you loose.

    Although the ZO6 is a FAR superior car he did loose, game over. I just watched a vid on here a couple days ago of a Ford Ka beating a riced Supra that made it about 10 feet. Did he stall it? Blower blow up on him? Throw a rod? Get an eyelash in his eye? Doesn't matter, he lost.

    All this shows is that like anything else, a fast car is only as strong as it's weakest link...
  17. rarely do matchups end after one race..
  18. matchup or not he lost THAT race. geez this is getting silly
  19. i bet the Z06 was reder than a tomato after that lil loss, but the Z06 is a much superior car and with that much torque shouldnt be raced in an 1/8th mile track, i bet its super hard to launch so the guy just took it slow so he wouldnt spin out. I'm sure there is a technique to launching it right, but he just hasnt practiced enough.