C6 Zo6 getting whipped by 05 stang

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  1. wow, that was gay... yes the mustang may have won, but the fact is that in no way did he "stomp" or "kill" the Z06... in fact, watching that video leads me to believe that the Z06 was about to pass him as they hit the 1/8th. Congrats on the win, but that doesnt make you a Z06 killer by any stretch... and hopefully that guy will realize that before doing something stupid like racing for slips with a vette. :notnice:
  2. no...he knows his ****. im calling bs to those being the only mods for an 8.47. the z06 would rape it if it was actually being driven.
  3. why couldnt an 05 with exhaust and CAI run a 8.47 in the 1/8? thats about a 13.4 or so in the quater. doesnt seem so unlikely to me. dont they run 13.5 stock?
  4. I raced a new z06 vette the other day just cause I wanted to see him get on it! And man those things are freakng fast there is no way he would have beat that thing out on the street! The vette's make there power up top anyways so the 1/8 mile helped the mustang out alot! Oh and the z06 spinnig through like every gear didn't hurt! :D
  5. I call :bs:

    z06 can never lose.
  6. yea the race was lost. all im sayin is the vette must of been the friend of the guy in the stang the way he came of the line. that **** was staged.

    i beat 05 gts....i will be lucky to touch a 06 zo6 when i have a blower on top of this.

    that is how much of a difference there is between the 2 cars. even with the worst driver in the vette, the vette wins.
  7. Some of you guys kill me!! I was there, it was not staged or anything like that :rlaugh: If you watch, the vette spins like a mutha! It was the first day for the track to open....anyway, the 05, that's the only mods it has guys, believe it or not! The vette, is owned by a guy localy here and it was his first time at the track, I have the same video that was posted and I also have the vette goin an 8.22, so, he was starting to get better.

    Anyway, I know the vette has alot more power than the 05 GT, but c'mon guys, you really think that it can't be beat?? And as far as someone sayin they call BS on the 05 runnin an 8.47 with only those mods...well, that just shows how much you really know and shows you've never had much track time....

    I am done..... :)
  8. Really....I thought you'd never end. :rolleyes:
  9. Hell it looked like to me the Z06 was about even at the end of the 1/8. In the 1/4 it would have walked that GT if they had done the whole 1/4 even with that unbelievably crappy launch.
  10. you can easily tell that dude in the vette left got out of the hole very light AND lost some serious traction on his/er shifts. You can clearly see the Vette was reeling in the stang.
  11. All I got to say to that is....they both have a lane! :rolleyes: Anyway I'm sure a reguler c6 would have rolled that GT. My ex gf C6 M6 was a BEAST!!!!!!
  12. I'll bet the Z06 driver is scared of the car. Even with a slow launch, he should have won. He had to have just not opened up the car at all.
  13. yeah i have a few frinds with z06's. they are beast,... but due to a bad launch or mishift they lose from time to time against far slower cars. it happens. No this car isnt a Z06 killer... but in that race he was.
  14. I'm calling you jealous. He dosen't think he is a zo6 killa lol. It was in fun. Jokey joke people lightnen up. They race the 1/8th because that's all there is locally. There is not alot 1/4 tracks in the hills of WV. Lightnen up.

  15. YOU are wrong. I was there too, and it went down just like that. Sorry, but if that had been a stoplight race, that Zo6 would have gotten beat.
  16. BTW, is this a Ford fourm or what?
  17. LOL. Right on man. Chevy :hail2:
  18. What kind of tires was your buddy in the '05 running?
  19. I'm not sure I will ask.
  20. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
    LMAO that Zo6 would have been pulling by the stang at the top of 3rd. No matter who was driving it.