C6 Zo6 getting whipped by 05 stang

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  1. He would have pulled in front of the vette before that and turned on his hazzards. teh win lol:nice:
  2. that move=ricer and the would deserve to get his ass kicked.
  3. Are you for real? I'm joking again.:bang:
  4. ohh couldnt tell you were joking and yes I am for real:rolleyes:
  5. This is from a chevy guy who was there and has been reading this:

    From NXZ28:

  6. We have an 1/8 mile track and see Vettes running all the time... Usually 8.5-8.9 range. I don't see the problem :shrug:

    They're top end cars... they do wonders in the 1/4 but a high 8 in the 1/8 isn't shabby at all for one of those cars.
  7. Both cars spun bad in first. The man driving the Vette is not friend of ProMod's (the Mustang guy) or Ford's in general, and he was talking to my brother-in-law and admitted that first was hard to hook, but it hooked in second. The Vette was really starting to come on at the top of the track, but it was obvious that it was a 3rd gear queen. The torque on those Z06s is pretty high in the rev-range regardless of how much it makes total.

    This was not joke, and they were both haveing traction issues.

  8. Exactly. Thank you.
  9. Funny things happen at the track. I've beaten cars that are a full second faster than my car...hell I took one to the line that was a 12 second car. It depends on the driver. Does John Force say "do-over" when he misses a shift and loses? Nope...

  10. But, you see, it didn't. The laugh is on you.

    Go buy a Vette...
  11. dont be an idiot.
  12. Yeah, couldn't you tell :shrug: That was the end of my post....maybe I'll pm you next time I end a post to let you know about it....K? :)
  13. Wow, this video sure gets around! :)

    I am the driver/owner of the Mustang in the vid. It was not staged, but let me get some points across...

    #1, I know what the Z06 is. I would sell my soul for one. I know the Z06 is a FAR FAR faster car. I do not think my car is a Z06 Killer. I was actually hoping this video wouldn't make it all over the net because I get a chuckle when the SRT4 guys post a Terminator kill w/ Mr. Leadfoot behind the wheel.
    Suprisingly though, the Vette wasn't pulling on my car THAT hard. We have another shot from the end of the track and I still had about a car & a half on him in THIS PARTICULAR pass. Again, 9 times out of 10, I know what the outcome of this race would be.

    This driver does not need a Z06 reality check :)

    #2. Learn to drive your car. The dude had a 2.56 60' vs. my 2.03. Nothing more to say there, he simply lit the tires up. This particular guy is locally renowned as an excellent tuner/driver; but it was his first pass in this car. In a little sort of irony, it was my first pass in this car too :)

    #3. Yes my car also has Steeda underdrive pulleys, and that's it. It runs 8.47 @ 85.07 with JLT cai, JLT/SCT canned tune, and Steeda pulleys on stock Pirelli tires. It's not that far fetched. It does seem like my 06 is a "good one", but lots of 05+'s are running 13.4/13.5 stock. I just got the car in November, and that was my first time to the track with that car so I don't have stock times. I just put some JBA longtubes on, and I'm going to take it back to the track on Saturday.

    #4, 1/8 mile racing sucks. Unfortunately, it's all we have around here :( I'm hoping to go up to Pittsburgh in a few weeks though so I can meet up with a couple buddies and try it in the 1/4.

    Here is the link to the video that has the down-track view: http://www.mrphoto.nt-uploader.com/TrackRuns.mpg
    Go 2:00 into the video, because it has alot of the passes from our whole click that was there.
    It's a large file size so you may or may not want to view it depending on load time.

    Peace and love guys :)
  14. I know.

  15. oh yeah, great job judging someone's character before even knowing them. :notnice:
  16. We do that well :nice: . And the guy driving the vette SUCKED, end of story. You pull a 2.59 60' you SUCK at driving on that particular run. TAKE IT EASY on the first run, work up to your breaking point...but I guess the guy thought it would hook like it was on slicks.

    BTW that was just a joking guess, I have no idea what type of person you are....but I find that 85% of people driving say an 05/06 stang or any car would have thought they have a Z06 killer and would have went out bragging about it. lol

    So im sorry for pre judging you....glad your not like that.
  17. hey honestly a kill is a kill wether its a 1/8th or a 1/4 two cars ran one won the other lost this time the 05' GT mustang came out on top but hey it goes to show that all the power in the world dont mean a thing if you cant drive the car right, just like when i beat my friend in his 05' GTO i have a way underpowered 03' GT but i came out on top by .2 and yeah in the 1/4 it would've been diff but i beat him in the 1/8th
  18. yeah you could really tell the vette launched badly. 5 tenths is a lot to make up but those suckers are suppose to be trapping in the 120s. It just seems the Zo6 should have been faster.
  19. Yeah I can also see a certain type of clientel that seems to be a large population of 05+ owners as well. I see where you're coming from (I am just not part of that clientel).

    Actually, I posted a thread in the 05 Tech Forum the day after I went to the track and in that I posted up my best times and my few mods as well as my buddy's times & mods who also has an 05.

    That thread in that forum got ZERO replies to this day. If I'd have posted up about having a pretty new dyno sheet, or finding a new sticker to try to make the car look like a damn 69 Mach 1 THEN I bet it would have had a couple dozen replies. :bang:

    I'm just out to kick some ass and step up whenever I race a red Z06 in front of alot of people :flag: :flag: :flag: :nice:
    (everybody, that last statement was 100% pun)