CA classic owners better act fast

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  1. What would be the best way to get in contact with his office?
  2. Contact the Governor immediately to request his veto of A.B. 2683! He can be reached at:

    Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
    State Capitol Building
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    FAX: 916-445-4633
  3. Sucks to be y'all. If you ever decide to get out of that wacky state, I have a suggestion or two for ya. ;)
  4. Well, it's not like I have much of a choice as to where I can move. At least not until May of 2007.
  5. why must this legislation come forth every year. I seriously detest our legislature and California is in dire need of a no confidence vote.

  6. TEXAS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yeah!!!!!!!! :D
  7. So it doesn't effect 1975 or older cars. Works for me. That way, it will get the smokers off the road. The air quality sucked when we were there in March.
  8. C.A.R.B. is an out of control "legislative" body that needs to be reigned in. They are behind this I guarentee it. California goes (vehicular emissions wise), so goes New York.
  9. You're an idiot. This change will have far reaching negitive implications to the hobby. A single classic cars that gets driven for parades, to car shows and occasionally for pleasure, no matter how dirty, can not put out as much emissions as a supposed "clean" new Honda (for example) that is run everyday of the week all year long. Old cars are the scape goat of big business. I'm sure they are also behind this push.
  10. Ah, but it can.

  11. So who wants to start collecting money in order to pass a proposition to over rule this law if it does pass? I could get it written but it will take about $1million to put on the ballot. I wouldnt mind getting one that makes in unconstitutional to pass legislation changing a proposition within 10 years of its original passage.
  12. Oh how does that saying go......?

    Nothing but steer's and .................. :rlaugh:

    Back to the subject it's total B.S. :notnice:

    My classics are better tuned and less driven than the everyday car, and I'm sure most if not all of us are the same way.
  13. god damn california..i can't immagine mr 4 hummers or whatever would pass this crap! they have been trying to do this bs forever, now they actually have a vote on it ahk! they should just crack down on all those rice rockets and brand new cars that don't pass smog instead of taking away our fun! my car is driven what..10 miles a day normally, on weekends maybe 40 miles, i've gotten notices from CARB or whatever enviromental group saying my car was spotted with black smoke comming out of the tail pipes and they would buy it from me to scrap it for like $500. 1, my car has only had black smoke one time, and it was in my driveway, my car runs better than half those daily driver hondas out there! this is a load.. the govenator will be gettin mail from me and some friends that's for sure..
  14. Sooooo glad I do not live in that "state" anymore.

  15. What was your first clue? :D I just don't like seeing what I breath. I'm talking about the post 1975 cars that smoke like Cheech and Chong were inside firing up a bong. Please don't be so closed minded. There are other factors more important here.
  16. I also received an e-mail from Summit Racing about SB2683 today and it stated that:

    This bill would require:

    *All vehicles with post-1975 model year insured as collector cars (driven only to parages and exhibitions) AND at least 35 years old to continue in the smog check program for the life of the vehicle.

    You're darn right I sent an e-mail to the govenor, heck I voted for him!

    Again it is

    Don't let the politicians dictate your life. This is still a government of, by and for the people, or have they forgotten?
  17. I think they've forgotten, rather convienently for them....

    Where is Mr. Leno on this?...he should be lobbying his buddy Annold...
  18. Ahhhh, someone got it! :nice: