CAI: Are they worth it?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by stargate160, Jun 17, 2005.

  1. The mac CAI looks good IMO. I got it too. But it was a mistake. You wont really gain anything , just bling for about $189 :nonono:
  2. It's amazing how much your 200 dollar mac CAI looks just like my 39 dollar ebay CAI. :banana:
  3. Wait, so are you saying I can take out my stock MAF housing and put a new one in that little box thing and it will still fit? I don't think it can with that airbox still there. I wanted the MAC intake orginally because I was getting it along with a 73mm MAF housing and exhaust to match. It all would cost me 620 bucks. I think thats a good deal? maybe not?
  4. i was gonna type that same statement. i say an ebay CAI is worth is, mine was $40 shipped, shiny, sounds cool, maybe added some hp, works great, filters air and EVERYTHING :nice:

    and for worked v6:
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  5. Its a good thing I didn't pay for it then :) :lol: Got it as an add on when I had my gears, and exhaust done.
  6. They were already in a bigger list I hade made, but... you know. To much work right now. lol
  7. Whats the intake snorkle ? ? ? where's it located exactly
  8. It's a tube that extends from the fender side of the stock airbox into the fender well. It draws in cold air, cold relative to that in the engine compartment that is.
  9. For what it's worth, my car gained ~5whp @ the peak (and more off-peak) on Roush's Dynojet when I switched from a Drop-in K&N w/ Silencer removed to my BBK CAI.
  10. why would sum1 remove the intake snorkle or the silencer ? or are they the same

    thing and...if it makes a + difference how can I do so ?

  11. $620!!!!!! I think you are getting ripped.

    I don't know exactly what style cia you are reffering to in the first post but......

    if it is the fenderwell type, I have heard of the bend that goes right before the MAF throwing off the counts becouse when the air hits the maf it is still trying to turn. that is why the factory air box is shaped the way it is.

    if it is the type where the filter just bolts to the MAF and hands out in the engine compartment, the ambient temps under the hould could cause you to run crappy at lower speeds
  12. I'm not buying it..waste of money. And this thread is quite aged. I'd just like a smooth inlet tube if i could ever find one...

  13. +1 MAC is awesome