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  1. Is it true that a honda cai will fit the mustang, since they dont make one for a 2.3L and if so what year and what is needed to make it fit. If anyone knows please reply
  2. they will work

    ive heard they will work but i think most people around here just use the pvc intake. on my n/a i got a peice of three inch pvc attached it to the stock rubber elbow at the throttle body and added a conical filter that rested right behind the headlight hope that helps some
  3. Well how much are the materials to make the intake?? and how much of a hp increase ? is it even worth taking off the stock air box and stuff............. i also have another question about sway bars?? are they a help? or mainly just to say my car has a sway bar?????? i saw you hve front and if you can
  4. not much

    u can get the pipe for next to nuthin(i got mine fromwork from scrap pipes that the plumbers had) the filter is about 30 but thats not for a k&n the swaybars help ALOT especially the front one i have a turbocoupe front and it took almost all of my bodyroll away and made the car feel alot more planted in turns the rear swaybar also helps but i mostly felt the improvements from the front one
  5. There is a guy out here who converted a Civic's (I think Civic) CAI to a 2.3 and said it wasn't to bad, you can run a search probly and find it.

    Here is a link that helped me make my CAI its pretty cool. I only noticed high end RPMS when I added it though, but no hp.

    Also here is a few of my pics and one shows part of my CAI on my 93' N/A. I cheated and use a lot of Auto Zone stuff like the MAF adptor for a mazda which fit great. I just bought some gasket material to make a gasket for it and the ACT sensor that you can see mounted on top of the PVC elbow. The K&N is inside the fender and can't see it.

    I hope this helps a little.
  6. yeah you probably won't notice as much low end, but the upper rpm pull is very noticeable.