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  1. Ok so I found a thread to a link to make a CAI

    The question is, my car is a 90 and I don't THINK I have a MAF. and the thread shows how to make a Cold Air Intake with a MAF. Can someone let me know if I have one. I never saw one under the hood if its suppose to be connected to my Stock intake.

    Thank you
  2. Aaahhhhh OK :nice: Thanks. I know I don't have one. Now if I can redue the CAI design I seen in one of the threads minusing the MAF I will be OK.
  3. Dude, just go to the tech articles thread. First post, first page. I posted up a how-to for making a cold air intake for '87-90 2.3's.
  4. It's easy, super easy. One of my old setups. all I bought for that was a cone filter from the ricer section at Autozone, and the flex pipe from the exhaust section. I even used to run around with the filter mounted on that first rubber piece, right on the TB. A tube works better though. Oh and read the tech articles.
  5. Ya I did read the tech articles. Most of the links don't work, but I did see a descriptive article on how to make one. I just saw a thread with pics which kinda put a picture of it in my head, but I'm sure with the help of RedLX's article and furvels picture I should be able to put something together. Oh does anyone know the part number for the proper K&N filter? I know I can look it up. But if you know first hand what it is, can you list it here. Thanks a million guys. And when I finish the project I'll take pics for those who want to see.

  6. Sorry, that's right, I forgot that the link doesn't work. However I did post up what the article actually says farther back in the tech articles thread, I think it's on page 3...
  7. for the love of god... PVC pipe moves POOP to the sewer...

    get a CAI for a civic and be done with it... it fits up perfect, just plug the 2 vacuum holes with something and you got the blingage under the hood...

  8. :lol: This is why I love Stangent I bet people would actually use a sewerpipe if it fit and helped gain in HP. Nice adaptation of a Civic part. I have been looking at things like this to model my CAI after.
  9. A tube is a tube.
  10. I agree with nomuffler. Anyways I ordered my K&N filter 41.50 from Crappy Tire. So once that comes in . I will be making mine. It will go in the fenderwall and will be using black PCV (think thats right or PVC , you know what I mean) pipe with thermal cooling tape. It should be interesting as I now know what to make. I will take pics and post it once done. I taken abouyt 3 articles on the forum here and putting it all together to make my CCAI . Kinda excited to start now.
  11. I just don't understand why anyone would use PVC? Why not go to the exhaust shop and get something that doesn't look like it needs a flush handle attached to it?

  12. That's great and all except it's not a COLD air induction system...but whatever.

    And I fail to see what's so wrong about PVC. It's easy to use and it's cheap. My PVC intake on my mustang has served me well for several years now.
  13. Let's see:

    The Civic-style tube gets points for bling and ease of installation, but no points for true cold air or originality.

    The PVC gets points for creativity (I've seen many different styles) and true cold air, but no points for bling or easy installation (comparatively speaking).

    Looks like a tie.

    Wouldn't it be a drag if we were all the same?? :D
  14. well guys if I may add here , I had a densecharger on my six and it was made of a pvc type matireal and they dynoed it as a 8 rwhp and 10 rwtq gain and you could actually feel the diffrence in it. I vote for whatever gives the most hp.
  15. i have a GT bumper on the front with duct from the passenger foglight hole up to where that is... So it ISSSS somewhat a CAI... I could figure out a way to route the intake tube into the fender... but being that I dont have inner fenders, it would just suckup tons of dirt and get wet... :notnice:
  16. Well I guess everyone has their points. However if I really wanted "Bling" I would buy a civic or perhaps drop a 5.0L in. But seeing as if I even had a "blingable" CAI , once they saw that I was driving a 2.3L the CAI kinda look more silly then blingy. ... I just want performance not bling bling. :p
  17. LOL funny stuff LEX, I do agree with you. My hood opens for me to fix something I broke. I am not going to build for a car show, so bling bling can keep out of the equasion. Most engines on here need paint anyways to have matching parts. I guess I will go with what works for me at the time.
  18. I don't understand how running your CAI into your inner fender well makes the air your sucking in any COLDER than a setup similar to Ka0tyk's. Somebody feel like explaining this to me?