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  1. Cool! Do you have pics of your rebuilt turbo??
  2. On my website is the progress of that engine I have the short block done and the head is on and all of that is painted. I am placing on the log header this weekend and I am claning the intakes to mount them also. The turbo I am going to check out the turbo and see if it needs to be rebuilt in like 5 miniutes and see if I have to pay out for that also. I will be getting more pics on the site soon though of the motor buildup, and some things I am doing N/A to the car as it sits.
  3. I just checked out your website kiddicarus. Very impressive, I liked it. Seeing the before and after paint shots of your block really makes me wish that I had taken the time to paint up my block when it was out of the car getting rebuilt last summer. All this reading about turbo motors is really starting to get to me. My next project once I had done everything to my current daily driver that I wanted to do was going to be a 5.0 Mustang, but everytime I sit down at my computer I think about doing a 2.3T instead. Anyways, to make a long story short, cool website.
  4. Thanks, I am adding pics soon of the header I just mounted and the pulleys on the block. I was once a die hard 5.0 fan but I seen the trend of gas prices, I knew that the benefits of a 2.3T were better and cheaper, and Letting someone know they just lost to a 2.3 was just too good to pass up. I have another block in the garage that will be built up when this one is in the car, so I guess that 5.0 will not see my driveway after all.
  5. Dang kid that motor is plain ugly why don't you send it to me so I can umm fix it ya fix up ;)

    What color is that anyways its pretty sharp.
  6. Thanks I am going to hand paint the cover lettering soon when I get the time. The paint is from autozone 1200 degree paint BLACk the only black in 1200 deg. I wanted high gloss blue but you see the pullys that is 1200 deg also and I decided on the black block so the other parts stand out more. I took pictures of the header and the pullys on the long block before work and plan to post some pics soon of that. I thought Bob's header was bigger (sticks out further then it does) I am glad I was wrong. The powder coated header fits real nice and looks great. I still need the timing cover from drew and then I can set the timing.

    Too bad you live way out in that state LOL one day we will have to hook up at a function.

    Dupli-Color high Heat with Ceramic 1200 deg. It wil cure as the engine warms it like a Kiln does to pottery.

    Black - DH1602
    Blue - DH1612
    Aluminum - DH1606
    White - DH1604

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  10. Sounds like a Great excuse to me. I was thinking about XM it is on my head unit but I just dont know about paying for radio yet. Maybe when I get the car done.
  11. just my 2 cents worth..

    the bottom line here is the unique customizing of "hot rodding" your car.
    in the old days, people hot rodded the cars with whatever their budget or knowledge allowed. look at an old 32 ford or something, they cut the hoods or fenders off, chopped the roofs, frenched lights etc. all whatever way they saw fit. there were no "speed" shops back then and they used whatever on hand to get the job done and perform or look the way they wanted. i know people that used air vent metal for sheet metal for floors etc and the end look was great. you couldnt tell. or you could just go buy a floor panel and install it. maybe for a show car. if all you are going to do is go to a speed shop and buy all the premade parts for your "custom" car..what fun is that?
    pvc pipe is used for a number of uses besides sewer pipe, but if it works for the back yard hot rodder..why not? its using your imagination. i say the money you save making things you need can be put toward things you cant make like nice rims or turbos or whatever you want to add in the future.
    i once painted one of my old cars with spray paint cans, cause i couldnt afford the body shop prices at the time. I took my time and it turned out as good or better than a pro paint job. even had people ask where it was painted. LOL when it was done it had a mirror finish, no runs or orange peel, and cost me a fraction of the cost.
    my point is, customizing is customizing. its your baby you are working on, if you can use your imagination to achieve the outcome of what you want and not go broke in the process, go for it. other wise, just go spend a small fortune on a car thats already done, and get no satisfaction of getting your hands dirty, cuts and scrapes, blood and sweat, and driving in your car you put the work into...
    like i said..just my 2 cents :D
  12. Nice post!!! :nice: I know I'm not like alot of people, but man when I was MAKING my CAI (I used ABS piping cause its black :rolleyes: ) I had the biggest smile. My GF couldn't understand why I was smiling like the Joker off batman. But I was in my glory. It was fun, I got cut, brused, dirty, and man it was the best. I do my own body work not to save money, but because I love spending time fixing up my baby. Its just me and her (Note: I try not to show that kind off intimancy with my stang around the GF, she might get jealous :p ) But ya. I don't make lots of money and I spent a total of 100 bucks for my CAI. I loved going to Home Depot to pick up the piping and Canadian Tire to grab the K&N filter. Then making it.....well thats my 2 cents.
  13. I have a hand full of nieces and one day the oldest which shes 12 needed help on a scinece project. So I went and picked her up and brung her over here so we could print stuff off the net and make some signs. After all this was done I decided to save her mom even more gas by taking her home. (They live with my mom about 12 miles away) Along the way we were just talking and listening to the radio ( plain radio) and this Viagra want-a-be ad comes on talking about longer lasting sex blah blah. Man I got so Red from the emberassment it wasn't funny :eek: This took place like 2pm on a Saturday and use to only run those types of ads starting at 11pm. Now they run everything on the dang radio and more commercals than music. The last straw was two of my favorte stations was owned by the same company which always went to commercal at the same time :bang: So I said screw this crap and got XFM :nice:
  14. this thread is funny.

    do whatever works, when I made mine there was nothing around to adapt piping to the MAF and nobody had come up with anything so I had to rig something up myself. I stood around in home depot and ace hardware for hours picking up things and just thinking about how I could adapt something to the MAF. At the time I didn't have a welder or any REAL tools. so I came up with the PVC solution. It worked well and can easily be done with just a simple drill. And since nobody else had ever posted anything about an Adapter I made a article up about it incase anyone else wanted to do what I did, or use it as a starting point for there own creation.

    If I were to do it today i'd make it out of steel exhaust pipe. and weld up an adapter, just like I did with my front mount intercooler piping. I'm approaching 140cilx in that most of the things on my SVO are getting close to custom pieces. the only thing that I haven't made or modified to fit on my car is the actual intercooler, radiator and the adjustable cam pulley. the rest of it designed, fabbed and or modified by me specifically for my application. I'm especially proud of my radiator/intercooler mount I made. it was so simple yet works amazingly well.

    the pvc is simple, requires minimal tools Drill, hacksaw and screwdriver, and it works. does it create crazy extra power? NO. But it is noticeable. especially on the top end. After I got in my wreck I had to put my original air box back in because the air filter/intake got jacked up, and it there was a siginificant difference in the pull from 3000rpm up. it probably doesn't add peak hp really at all, but the power range stays higher for longer which = a little faster.

    oh and my new web page is it is currently over bandwidth so you can't view it but it has many updates compared to my other stangnet page which I haven't touched in a couple years.
  15. Hey Jman just wanted to say thanks for the site :nice: It helped me out alot all though I basicaly did like you did by going to the Depo/ACE and looking around for crap that would work. The other day my old CAI broke (some how lol ) so I went to the DEPO to buy some stuff to fix it. When I cash out it was like 2.00 and I told the lady." 2.00 not bad to fix your car." It was pretty funny the look she had on her face ;) I've upgraded my MAF connection with some adptor for a Mazda which bolted right up it cost like 15.00 at Auto Zone but looks better :)

    Anyways thanks for the site if really helped out back when I was getting started :nice:
  16. this is my new cold air intake ;)


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  17. Not bad a 86' SVO :nice: When its done you need to shoots some more pics for me so I can get ideas on a FMIC. I'm still going to use the stock IC a little longer until I get all the bugs worked out on this round of mods.
  18. it is done, I just haven't taken any pics ;), I've got primer on the pipes now, but I plan to paint them up soon whenever I get a day off, but they are hooked up and working, the car is wicked fast now, seriously 13's well still 14.6 till I get out to the track again ;)
  19. I have been thinking of gutting the front of my 93 out and replacing it with steele mesh for the FMIC. Trying to get more air to the fins.

  20. I'm just shoping around getting ideas on FMIC and can't wait to see yours :nice: I got my SVO a part fixing a cracked mainifold and installing a few other things. Once this is done I hope to run mid 14's and when I get to the FMIC stage of my plans maybe 13's. Now you know how its goes we're never happy until we have more POWER :D But I really just want to open road race it unless I see some rice to snack on ;)