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Which CAI + Tune to go with

  1. JLT + Bama

  2. Air raid + bama

  3. JLT + Intune

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  4. Air raid + Intune

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  5. Steeda + Bama

  6. not listed here

  1. Hey Guys/Gals,

    Looking at doing a Cai and tune on my '13 GT. Anyone done this on their '11+ Coyote ? Which ones would you recommend, and which ones would you avoid. Currently looking at the JLT + Bama combo from American Muscle, seems like a decent price and good reviews on their website... Also wondering about the finishes, there are stainless tubes, carbon fiber tubes, and just plain black tubes, are any better than the next, or just a engine dress up feature.

    Thanks ! Jaret
    sorry if this has already been visited.
  2. I went with the Boss manifold, Steeda CAI and BBR tune, I will tell you what I think when I finish with it :)
  3. Sweet ! I eventually want to install a procharger... this is just going to be for the interim.
  4. You forgot Steeda and Steeda ...

    You can do a search and find a lot of positive reviews regarding the JLT and other brands ... but we feel ours is above the rest. Just a little feedback based on our tune and CAI combination.

    We have had 0 issues with the #8 cylinder and we have not had any warranty claims when our CAI/TUne has been directly installed on a consumers car.

    Our parts are American made in Georgia and Florida by the American worker and we are also ISO 9001:2008 which means you are getting the highest quality part that we can manufacturer.

    Check out this video we did on our CAI ... and let me know if i can help assist with anything in regards to price or questions.

  5. Yeah, I like the Steeda CAI. I did my research and looked at a lot of CAI's. Steeda's intake rocks :)
  6. Too bad it isn't California legal, otherwise I would have it. This is the one I want. Steeda for the win.
  7. Does the Steeda keep water out from the 2013 Hood vents, and with the Steeda tune is it compatible with a future procharger installation?
  8. We have had 0 issues with water causing a failure on our CAI. We have the Steeda CAI on our 2013 Mustang GT that is a daily driver, goes through car washes and rain storms ... and no issues.

    Here is the video that we did on the Steeda CAI:

    Trust me when I say if there really was an issue with water getting on CAI ... and we didn't do anything about it ... we would be losing tons of money ... as well as more people would be on the boards expressing their issues.

    The procharger kit we sell comes with it's own programmer and procharger supplied tune. We do recommend additional dyno time to fine-tune the setup, at additional charge.
  9. Thanks for all the info TJsteeda, are there currently any promotion codes, I live in Canada, but have a shipping box in Montana that I use. The website prices are quite a bit higher. Thanks !
  10. send me an email with your shipping address in Montana and I can see what kind of pricing and shipping we can do to that location.

    You can send your email to tim @

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  11. Hey TJ, thanks for replying and sharing the info :)

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  12. No Problem.

    Let me know if we can provider any other details?

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  13. The Boss intake and Steeda CAI ROCKS!!! I will post my dyno run soon. The torque curve is flat! And my car didn't lose a thing. I went from a max torque of 358.94 to 368.38 and it never dipped below the stock curve once passed 2400 rpm. And the HP 420.05 vs 374.54 with no dips, just smooth power all the way to 7500. I have my shift light set to 7000, just because I like my engine :)

    So, the combo of Boss manifold, Steeda CAI and BBR tune gets two thumbs way up :)

  14. Sounds like a winner!

    Thanks for the update.