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Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by boby, Dec 5, 2003.

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  1. I just wanted to say if anyone is considering getting a cold air intake, save your money because it is a complete waste. When I bought my gt the person added a bbk cai. This week my check engine light came on so I took it to the dealership this morning and sure enough that was the cause of it. It wasn't installed correctly and a lot of it came completely apart. This was also the cause for the engine noises and rpm fluctuations. This also made the car run very lean. The mechanic said, just like everyone on this board, how this is a waste, since it adds no performance gain. Anyways this cost me $90 to get it fixed. Now Im considering putting the stock back on. Just a word of warning for anyone that is thinking about it.
  2. CAI really isn't a powerhouse mod, but can be benificial if you choose the right one. Many CAI, like the BBK kit, are mainly designed for "show, no go" with the chrome and all. The good CAI kits are the ones made from polymer (sp?) or plastic. Densecharger makes a great CAI kit that really does add some power. UPR and Morpheus are others.

    Yes, the BBK is made from 100% crapola :nice:
  3. Should of listened to the board...:nonono:
  4. Not to come off sounding harsh...but I can't understand why the CAI is even mentioned any more on this site? Its been common knowledge that these "ricer" parts don't add and usually hurt performance. PLEASE, for the love of God, if you got one on car, take it off and use it for its best purpose as that of a paper weight. Sorry boby that you are new and wasn't informed properly, but that proves my point that most vendor sites will sell you anything you ask for. I wouldn't sell CAI to a customer of mine even if he begged and offered to pay double. I just can't have that on my conscious. Boby, if you or any other newbie need advice, feel free to email me need to feel pressure to buy parts...just want to give you guys the info you need to avoid wasting money as I did when I was your ages.
  5. I told everyone that if it's not a densecharger then it's a POS.
  6. That's very true how they don't add much hp to cars with big engines like the Mustang. For imports and small domestics it can actually be quite impressive with some of the gains. From what everyone on here says, they are a complete waste for the 4.6L.

  7. who are you? the friggin owner of densecharger? you run around and only post about how great they are. :shrug: (or maybe im thinking of someone else with a similar name)

    i definately wouldnt put the DC on the top of the list. its appears to be PVC pipe, and a fancy sticker. or then of course you can get the CF upgrade :rolleyes:

    its not worth any more than any other CAI is. less if youre in it for looks. my home made PVC CAI looks better than my buddies fox body DC.
  8. This just in ... NEWSFLASH! ... CAI is a waste ... Really??? I thought after reading 50 billion threads about them they would give me alot of power. You mean I won't get anything if I put one on mine? :shrug:
  9. Quit picking on the guy man! He's right, the DC is the best one there is ... I even told that to the BFI driver when he picked up my garbage that day. :rlaugh:

  10. im hoping that you threw the DC away with all the other crap he took. :rlaugh:

    maybe the BFI guy saw some dyno proven gains on the garbage truck with it after he decided that since it was worth so much power, and since it looked like garbage, what better thing to put it on than a garbage truck. :shrug:
  11. I have densecharger and they are supposed to be the best one on the market. They are also supposed to be one of the cheapest ones on the market. I like mine. You all can say what you want but I like mine. It might be my money that I wasted but always remeber that it was my money wasted not yours. when it is cold outside you can really tell were it is helping you not hurting you.
  12. i made a denscharger clone with a 80mm C&L maf and picked up over a tenth in the 1/4 so it's gotta be doing some good. no idle or drivablity problems either.

    My roomate used to have the bbk kit before his GT got totalled. He had it for probably about 5 months and noticed slightly improved throttle response and a mildly throatier sound. Sounds like the guy that put it in just didn't know what he was doing...which is funny cause they're about the easiest mod for these cars :rlaugh:
  13. blah, blah, blah.....CAI kits never helped in the past, still don't help now, and 10 years from now will still not help...notice a trend??? please let's show a little respect for the deceased and let the CAI kits rest in peace

  14. Da CAI will nevAr be dead Yo! as long az da Denzcharger iz around. The only oneizzle worth getting Dawg! ;)
  15. That's a pretty blanket statement. A lot of the later model cars have much improved intakes than in the past so there will be little to no gain with a CAI on a new car if no other mods are added. If an engine is getting enough air to begin with, adding more will not do any good and depending on the design on the intake, the intake charge may even be slowed down. To say that they have never helped is completely false. Personal experience with my (now sold) '91 V6 firebird. The stock intake on those is a filter in a can with a ~1.5 inch nozzle on the side. A homemade CAI and K&N knock off picked up gas mileage and throttle response.

    I haven't examined a 4.6 mustang intake track but I imagine it is a straight shot into the TB with little or no silencer. With some mods I imagine you'll see a difference with a properly designed CAI, if there's one that actually is properly designed, I don't know.
  16. For me, the improved throttle response, sound and looks are good enough for me :nice:

  17. I would have to disagree. K&N is a very reputable product. I have a K&N FIPK2 on my 02 GT and I like it. Just my opinion though. I haven't ever heard anything bad said about K&N.
  18. :lol:
    There goes the blower and turbo business......... :rlaugh:
  19. Not you again... :nonono:

    Man this thing is killing me..

    Left side of the dyno chart is my car with out the Full lenght Dense Charger and after with the DenseCharger on, nothing else has been done to the car execpt the installation of the Densecharger so where is the HP increase.. :rolleyes:


    I hate this DenseCharger thing..everybody think this will add horse power but no one has the balls to bring their car at their own expense on the dyno to do the test..I did and this is what I got.. What do you want to add on this.. :shrug:
  20. Hey mpcv200, seriously man shut up. You dont know what the hell you're talking about. If you didn't gain anything on your car, then that's cause its a POS. Anyone can look at actuall gains over at in the forums in the dyno section. A densecharger can add like 8+rwhp. It's dyno proven. Stop posting that gay dyno sheet. You're ruining business. Later.
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