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Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by boby, Dec 5, 2003.

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  1. what ind. tube is that? do u feel a difference with the open filter setup versus the stock airbox or cai?
  2. This is what I had to do to get my HP back and I kept it that way.

    This is part of the stock DenseCharge, the part from Throttle body to MAF, the rest of it has been modified to receive a Open air filter like the above picture.

    Works fine and looks better( I think ) than the rubber tubing from Ford. :shrug:
  3. Even though my input isnt needed, I'll share it anyways since I have experience in this department. Ive had BOTH a BBK CAI kit on my 01 GT and a K&N FIPK Gen.II system. Right now, the K&N FIPK Gen.II system is on my car for a reason and not the BBK. Because the K&N is definately better. Its made of plastic, not metal, and therefore it runs at cooler temperatures. It also doesnt have a 90 degree bend in front of the MAF meter so therefore, no problems with running rich/too lean with this system. It also has a nice sized K&N filter for the end that is placed right at the fenderwell opening to draw in the cool air. I also did a before and after comparison between the two systems. I did a write up on it so you might want to conduct a search and see if you can find it. In the end, here is my conclusion.

    BBK and all other kits like it are crap.

    K&N FIPK Gen.II system = The best Ive seen.
  4. I have the K&N CAI and I can say that without a doubt it helps on the top end. And its not just because of the Filter. I went from just the K&N filter to the whole FIPK II, and it really seems to help on the top end.
  5. The other thing I forgot to mention is that the K&N kit actually has a velocity stack type thing down by where the filter element bolts on. Im not sure which other kits have a similar part.
  6. Haven't read the whole post but came across this idiots posts and wanted to say that even on the sites you have listed: ie.,,, etc., respectable people say that the Densecharger is a waste! LATER... :lol:

  7. is the website. Once there, choose the "ordering" link on the LHS of the page, then select the "Check out the new TB Pipe page right here!" link. Basically, mine looks like mpcv2000's with the exception that the stock airbox is still on mine.

    I a posted pic on this thread with the TB tube installed
  8. Dammit..just can't keeep myself from stopping to peek in and witness the carnage..and it seems the pile-up is getting bigger..BUT..I am VERY pleased to see that several members where able to see and accept the fact that any pipes with bends before the meter WILL affect the MAF and overall perfomance..AHHH...finally the voices of reason echo from the heavens like the sweet songs of the

  9. What about the new CAI from MRT? It has no bends before the MAF. It looks sweet and is basically a modified stock setup!
  10. mpcv, you're saying you have an open filter to help performance? What was the airbox that was on there like? I'd think anything that would keep it from pulling warm air from the engine bay would perform better.
  11. Good call medik13 :nice: I've been looking at the same setup. It is a little pricey at $250.00. I also have a K&N FIPK II but I'm not too sure about the open filter. It seems like, even with the shield, it would draw a lot of hot air from the engine compartment. I like the idea of the cold air from the fender like the stock air box. Has anyone heard or seen any reviews of the MRT setup???
  12. It will still draw the air from the fenderwell. Afterall, the filter is positioned right next to it so why wouldnt it.
  13. are right about the fact that the "no-bends" style are much better..but if you want looks and hp...go with a C&L MAF kit and inlet pipe...btw..I see you peeking at this thread boby....what did I tell ypu about that! Past your bedtime anyway!
  14. What is CAI waste? How do you clean it?
  15. No. I ended up with this set up after taking the Full lengh DenseCharger apart.
    I did not say it help performance but going this way I got my HP & Torque back.

    1st is was the regular Ford set up and after the DenseCharger set up.

    I can't tell if it's better or worst with a open air filter set up but I like it this way , a few other members have open air filter set up here, I know Mustang92 is one of them. :shrug:
  16. I thought changing the MAF for a car that had less than ~320HP was a waste. I have heard the stock MAF was good enough until then. I also have heard alot of people having drivability issues with the C&L MAF. Ronnie...Why do you suggest one?

    Do you think just getting the C&L's True Flow intake pipe and leaving the stock airbox and MAF in place would be the best for a car with just bolt on's? It is pretty much the same thing as MRTS CAI, but a whole lot cheaper?
  17. I did the exact opposite of what you're suggesting............ I got the C&L 80mm MAF w/ the round K&N in the kit. Since C&L didn't (and still doesn't) make a TruFlow for me, I did as the instructions from C&L suggested...... just re-used the stocker pipe from the MAF to the TB. Now true, my car had 320 at the crank, but that's only in the low to mid 270's at the wheels, yet we still gained between 4-5% overall increase in RWHP with no other mod.............period.
    The Tru Flo design obviously wouldn't do anything to hurt your current setup, based on nothing other than the improved airflow path over the stock setup.

    Me (if I was you, anyway) would probably get the C&L MAF AND the TruFlow and get it right the first time. :nice:

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