caldwells been bad...

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    :rlaugh: saw that on the local news and thought of you caldwell.. haha
  2. maybe it was him... he hasnt posted yet
  3. No Caldwell!!! Thats a bad Caldwell!!!! BAAAAAAAD Caldwell!!!
  4. Caldwell.. gulp...Caldwell? You there?
  5. lol where is he
  6. LOL!
    :rlaugh: :lol: :lol: :rlaugh:

    That's awesome!!

    See I have people around the world causin **** for me, who needs enemies.
    oh man

    yeah has anyone else been having stangnet forum problems!?
    this is seriously the first time it has worked in 4 days

    i've barely posted!

  7. yeah man, i tried to get on the website wed evening and it rerouted me and the page said some cable lines around their building somehow melted or something and they were working to fix them asap
  8. I've had no guys all need afghanistan internet providers...:D
  9. geeze...
    it went down again!?