Calibration Code

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by reddmann, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. I have recently replaced the computer on my 99 GT. Well I ordered a SCT Eliminator and they are needing the Computer code to load my tunes. The only problem is the new computer doesn't have a computer code on it. BAMA told me that they can load it with the calibration code and I can get it by hooking up a OBD2 reader to the car and it would tell me. Well that was a failure, it wouldn't pull up the code. So has anyone have any suggestions to getting this code? I would sure like to see how my bolt ons come together. Thanks A lot.
  2. Check the latch-side of the passenger door for a small white sticker. If it's there and intact it will read something like "MDE2". The PCM itself may also carry this code on a sticker on the connector or enclosure.
  3. The sticker on the door jamb is wore off and there is no code on the remanufactured computer. Like I said, I hooked it up to a tool earlier and it wouldn't give me the Cal. code either. Maybe FORD:dammit:
  4. I do have one thought though, When you install a new computer in a car, do you take all the info from the original one and put it on the new one? If that is the case then I should be able to Call ford, give them the VIN, and they could tell me the code for the original computer correct and that would be the same.
  5. The cal code should come up in a parts lookup with the VIN. Your car is too old for OASIS to work unfortunately. If you call a dealer and they can't figure it out pm me your VIN or at least post the last 8 digits and I can check.
  6. Hey thanks Cardinal, after all of that necessary driving around ive just decided to invest in some wheels and tires. I had some headers and other things to put on it as well so ill just wait on the Chip. But thanks man for replying, later in the future I will definetly hit u up when I purchase another.