california emissions questions???

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  1. Hey all, I am from detroit moving to cali, my ride has bbk longtube headers and bbk o/r h-pipe w/2 chamber flowmasters and a 2 1/2" custom catback. Obviously I need to put on converters, but what about the longtubes? Do I need to change them too? Maybe I should keep the michigan plate on it and leave it be the way it is???
  2. The communist state of CA will castrate you if you even thing about modifying your car; that includes stickers. Good luck.

    From what I understand the only way its legal is if they have a CARB #. Ive honestly never heard of LT's being legal in CA unless someone paid off the inspecting mechanic to overlook it.
  3. yeah kinda didn't think they were legal there, i got a lot of mods on this thing....hate to go backwards
  4. Find a performance shop and ask the owner where guys like you can "smog". Plenty of CA people have LT's and blowers. Use your imagination. Its the people that assume its Nazi germany here that waste money returning everything to stock when they don't have to. If your car is rediculously loud, thats when you get pulled over and the cop checks your exhaust, just like may other states with noise level laws.

    Throw some cats on there and the noise level should be ok. You just can't go WOT'ing around residential areas.
  5. thanx for the heads up. sounds good to me, i want to keep the longtubes, but i can deal with a set of high-flow converters on there.....but then will i need to re-tune????

  6. it also depends on teh area there are some superchargers that are c.a.r.b legal so that aint a issue its if it dosent have a sticker that show the c.a.r.b number for that part they will red flag you for it but there are shops that will pass the car for some $$$$ but they are cracking down on them
  7. I am moving to the east bay area if that helps
  8. to san fransisco or near there i dont know how strict they are up there
  9. bit of a drive, but is a good shop.

  10. Depends where he is in the east bay. I live in the east bay and Apex is 20 mins. away. Ask for Chris or Mario if you call, they should be able to answer your questions.