California Law VS Classics

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  1. Oz,
    How many of these old, non-collector cars do you see clogging up our air?
    not much huh? the average illegal immagrant doesn't drive the rolling barges anymore.
    they figured out they can't afford the fuel. they went to old imports. but not that old, you would think they went to datsun b210's or first gen civics. hell, I can't even spot a honda more then 15 years old. fact is, most older cars around here are collector's cars or classics. not the big 70's GM nightmare sedans.
  2. none

  3. Do you own a pet? They eat animals which are raised through polluting methods.

    Do you eat at McDonalds? They raise cheap beef in areas that lead to pollution and clearing of the rain forest.

    Do you eat Tuna? They kill a bunch of other animals while collecting them, and fishing and transport boats face no emissions regulations.

    Do you use products that were shipped via truck? Again, lax regulations.

    Does your car get over 30 mpg? Unneccessary pollution.

    Remember, do your part. Once you have done that, you have earned the right to preach to others. Until then?
  4. none

  5. Whatever. Have fun.
  6. Well about calling it quits.

    Guess we were right after all?

    :D :D
  7. Wow, I've said stuff in the past that I later regretted, but I've never been so so ashamed of my rantings that I deleted every word of my arguement! That's what happens when you are simply argueing for the sake of the arguement, sooner or later you realize you've been spewing gibberish so "out there" that you don't even believe it! BTW, what's this about Oz being an ATF agent? I thought he was independantly wealthy and didn't need a job? :shrug:
  8. It takes a bigger man to walk away. I'm HUGE. :D I wasn't going to get you to admit that you were wrong, and your personal attacks were getting out of hand. Maybe next time.
  9. LOL, then walk away already!!!


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