"California Special" style spoiler

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  1. I am planning to use a Mustangs Plus 'glass trunklid and fender extension package to imitate the California Special spoiler rear end look on my '65 fastback. I am curious to see if anyone has experiences with fitting and installing these. Are they a quality setup? I am also thinking of using one of their Street Style front aprons that accepts the stock bumper. Any other advice on these, too.
  2. i plan on doing the same thing with my coupe
  3. I got my trunk lid from Branda and opted for the vacuum fitted one... It was a bit more expensive, but the fit was pretty good. It only had one high spot that will need to be worked out. They warned me about the quarter extensions and they truely were a mess! I had to cut one side into 3 pieces to get it to fit right and there is alot of work on those pieces... I dont think anyone makes decent parts....
  4. i bought mine from mustang plus a had to work it quite a bit. it turned out alright


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  5. I'd say that turned out a little better than "alright". That looks outstanding!
  6. That's one cool Coupe....

    More pics :nice:

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  7. I bought mine from Mustang Depot. The lid needed minimal tweaking. The endcaps needed a little sanding and grinding...but then they fit perfectly.
  8. California Special Uber Alles

    just chiming in to say:

    -the CS "ducktail" style spoiler is the best look for coupes/convertibles, more power to you - and 12sec67's ride looks amazing. I want a CS style for my '70 but it's not made

    -don't be afraid to spend a lot on the 'glass, "you get what you pay for" generally applies here.

  9. frontfaceside2ak.jpg


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  10. A real stand out coupe. I like what you've done...

    You going to the Knotts show?
  11. i plan on it!

    i still need to register:bang:
  12. 12sec67

    Love the pics....you did a great job with the car. Is your hood from mustangs plus also? I am trying to come up with a paint scheme for my fastback. It's Ivy Green with (unfortunately) an Ivy Gold interior. I don't want to change out the interior now, so I'm thinking about a HOK pearl green that would match the factory somewhat. I'm up in the air on the color of the stripe for now.
  13. the cowl hood and the front apron is also from mustang plus which both lined up well.

    pearl green...i don't know what color stripe would look best with that but i think if it were me i would find another color not that far off from it. Almost like a shadow stripe(same color green with a tint of black and gold to match the interior):shrug:
  14. Yeah...some metalic or pearl gold added to the green for the stripe.
  15. oooooo...the idea of green with green shadow stripe with a little gold in it gets me giddy lol...sounds hot, now someone materilize it
  16. Mustangs Plus decklid spoiler/front apron

    I also did the Mustangs plus (Maier Racing) decklid spoiler and end caps and also the R-model front apron (no bumper).

    My body shop guy absolutely hated the decklid and end caps - he moaned non stop about how terrible the fit was. He put in a lot of work but got it looking pretty good


    The front apron required cutting of the headlight buckets, but otherwise bolted on really nice

  17. deck lid looks great!

    have you put the truck gasket on yet... mine fit really nice till i tried to install the weatherstripping and now the trunk is a little high.
  18. that thing idles kinda high! :D

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  19. i think he gets that everytime he posts that picture lol
  20. Yep, had the same problem. I'm hoping that when it warms up a little that weatherstrip will soften up a bit and form to the trunk opening enough to settle down a little.

    It's already come down a little bit so I'm guessing a nice hot summer will do the trick :D

    I had been watching the progress on your car while mine was still in paint...when I saw how your decklid turned out I couldn't wait to get mine back!!

    Nice car, I like the colors...What shifter is that? B&M or Hurst or ?? How do you like it?