Calling all 10th anniversery 03 owners....

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by rdefino, Aug 17, 2004.

  1. I just received my SVT team package in the mail and got a hat, couple of magazines, stickers and membership to I was told by another member that I should receive a book on the SVT since it is an anniversary model. What did you guys get in your package? Is the book thing right?
  2. just exactly what you got.....mags, hats, membership to SVTOA ect
  3. The book comes a little later than the first bunch of stuff. It is a nice book called Powered by SVT.
  4. a secret for you... All 03/04 Cobra owners got, or will get these freebies. Has nothing to do with being a 10th Anniversary owner!

  5. Only the 2003 owners get the book Powered by SVT. I had to call SVTOA to get mine. They are suppose to send it automatic, but sometimes they don't.
  6. Make sure you get it! It's on the last ten years of SVT, and its worth $100.00! :nice:

    I haven’t heard of non-Anniversary owners getting the book, that’s good to know. I know three guys with 03’s and they never received the book, I’ll tell them they get one too. They’ll be happy to hear it. :D
  7. So far I've received the following at no cost to myself....

    1 year membership in the SVTOA & their magazine.
    1 year membership to Team Ford Racing & their magazine.
    2 SVT lapel pins.
    2 SVT keychains.
    1 Team Ford Racing hat
    1 Powered by SVT book.

  8. Who did you recieve these from?
  9. Every last bit of it came mailed to me from either SVTOA, Team Ford Racing, or the SVT folks directly.