Calling all body pros and paint guys, need help on spider webs in poly bumper cover


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Nov 30, 2001
Nashville TN
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Long story short see this post:

I had some spider webbing in my front bumper cover on the 86 GT. Its off at the paint shop now, the guy is trying to satisfy my craving for perfection and he feels like the bumper cover may prevent that from happening. We cant get it remanufactured because the plstic is supposedly too old. My only other options are junkyard take offs for a range of prices that look like CRAP see these ebay links:

Mine was fine except for the spider webs and now Im loooking at 500 bucks more for a repro cover with shipping and all.

Is there no way to fix the bumper so that the webs can be avoided? I realize it is caused by cracks in the plastic. Any ideas or advice????
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Feb 26, 2006
i dont know how permanent this would be, but i had an lt1 camaro with the same condition on the front bumper. i thought i sanded the cracks out-after paint and clear they were UGLY. after a light sanding (just to scuff the clear)and another heavy coat of paint and then clear, they were gone as long as something is there to seal the cracks, they will not absorb the new coats of paint and clear and will not show. hope that helps :flag:


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Nov 22, 2001
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Stripped with 80 grit on a DA

Nason Urethane Ful-Thane 2K Primer

Nason Urethane Ful-Thane 2K Sealer

Nason Urethane Ful-Thane Single Stage paint.

No spider cracks anymore.


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Nov 30, 2001
Nashville TN
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I couldnt see any spider webs in the photos but I assume they were there. I will tell my body guy about that stuff and see what he says. I know he i susing base clear, not a single stage but that wont likely matter if the primer is compatible. thanks for the input!!!
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