Calling all Cobra owners! Need your opinions!

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by todd4566, Aug 14, 2004.

  1. I'm on the verge of trading my 2000 Gt for a 1998 Cobra. I'm a bit worried about the reliability of the Cobra's. The Gt has been a solid car for the length of ownership (about 4 years now), and I hope making a trade like this won't be a step backwards. So I suppose my questions to you guys are:

    1. What are the most common problems w/ the 4.6 DOHC?

    2. What simple mods are truly beneficial aside from gears?

    3. Is the 98 Cobra (53k) worth selling the 00 GT (33k)? *I really wouldn't gain or lose money in this trade.

    THX! :flag:
  2. If I were you I would just put a blower on your GT :D
  3. While I like that idea, this is about the car itself - not necessarily the power it makes.
  4. You mean for the appearence of the car?
    I dont see what you'd be gaining by switching to a 98 Cobra. Unless you just like the looks of them.
    They do look good, though. (except for those hideous taillights)
  5. Reliability of a Cobra? Unless you put a blower or spray on one, they'll last a long time...
  6. I think it would be a good trade, upgrade to the DOHC.
    The 96-98 Cobras are as reliable as any ..... by my best estimation. THe 96 and some 97s had the heating issue but, aside from that rock solid.

    I'd do it. :nice:
  7. I went from a 1998 GT to my current Cobra after 5 years, and wished I'd done it sooner!

    The Cobra as stock, is as quick as my full bolt-on GT was. Not to mention the Cobra looks and the limited production status.

    Do it!
  8. It's limited and probably a collector edition to... Do it fast!
  9. Why not trade for a 99 or 01?????
  10. I could have bought a 99 or 01 when I got my 98 but I wanted to stay away from IRS and I liked the body and hood of the 96-98 Cobras better.

    The only thing I would say that’s a pain with 96-98 Cobras is the IMRC's which Ford did away with in 99.
    you can mod your intake and get a tune to dump them.
    They tend to get dirty and will hit you up for 25+hp when they quit opening. Think of them as the secondaries on a 4barrel. When you car hits (I think it's) 3200 RPM the IRMC's (Intake Manifold Runner Controls) open up delivering more air to the motor effectively giving you the advantage of the 2nd intake valve but keeping the low end TQ as high as they could get it.

    One way you can prevent them from clogging is to keep your filter element clean, and to not run a K&N with an oiled filter element.

    Other than that I have had a Ac Compressor Clutch issue and the electric fans bearings got tight and caused the connector to melt due to the fan's increased electrical resistance. My mechanic said it's not uncommon with all Fords up to about 2002 or 2003.

    I’m very happy with my car. Got gears (4:30's), pullies, full exhaust(Long Tubes, off-road H, Cat back),80mm MAF, CAI, Tune and some suspension goodies, 99 Cobra Clutch, Billet flywheel and with ET streets I can run off mid-high 12's on a good track with good elevation.

    I will soon be getting some Mach 1 heads/cams or FR500 heads if I can afford them in edition to a Mach intake. Should be good for a nice bump in HP and better low end TQ. Right now we can pickup a used Mach 1 at Kar Kraft for less than 2K. The heads and cams are worth that alone.

  11. A more likely cause for them gumming up and sticking closed is the oil from the PVC system recirculating back into the intake tract which then settles on the secondary IMRC butterflies, cooks and becomes gummy...

    If you properly oil your K&N there should never be any excess oil going into your intake from that...
  12. Just make the trade... If the Cobra is A-1
  13. I'd love to get an 99 or 01, but I haven't found one around here lately. The 98 was at the local Ford dealer, but when I went on Sunday to check it out, it had already sold :( . SO.. guess I'm keeping the GT for now, but my eyes are peeled for the Cobra. Though I'm happy w/ the GT, nothing beats that gurgle exhaust note of the 4V :nice:

    Great info everyone!