calling all floridians

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  1. yea Bradenton Motorsports is right there near sarasota.... we live about an hour from sarasota if that...... soo.... :nice:
  2. I will be moving to Orange Park later this year.
  3. Sweet, do they have test and tune there? Edit: never mind just checked their site. Looks like Thurs, the 19th will be magnum for me. Anyone else want to head out there then?

  4. Welcome To Fl!!!

    That is great you will be moving here. FL is a great place to live! I live near Orange Park about 15 minutes away so just give me a shout if you want a tour guide!!
    [email protected] :)
  5. Not new here, just haven't been on in a long time...
    I'm from Melbourne.
  6. Pensacola baby.
  7. ...Hudson Florida...45 miles north of Tampa...
  8. orlando, ucf area ..what! what! im grew up in titsuville though...booo....
  9. orlando car show

    Is anyone going to the car show in Waterford lakes next weekend?
  10. melbourne here
  11. Bradenton Here
  12. cocoa beach here......
    saw a white 96-98(i think) white gt at the track tonight with a guy wearing a stangnet t-shirt. thats why im here. and btw nice car :hail2:
  13. Moore Haven here, S.W. corner of Lake Okeechobee
  14. Largo/Clearwater :nice:
  15. still in tampa ;)
  16. Daytona/Ormond area here.
  17. Florida City (15-20 min from the Keys)
  18. jacksonville florida
  19. Damn, this thread is still here?
    ..and people are still saying where they are from. Okay..

    What's up to all my MMOB homies! (chris..morbid.. )

    I haven't been on here since I had the 6! Ha!