calling all floridians

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  1. how about the spring break capital of the usa? PANAMA CITY FLORIDA!
  2. im here

    zero beach here home of the dodgers an old cogers !!!!!!
  3. I'll be there in a few months to start school. :nice:
    How's the mustang scene up there?
  4. Panama City Beach:cheers: :cheers:
  5. Orlando here.

    Whats goin on pappy?
  6. j, you from here in panama city? smooth, i dont know if ive seen your car around... i doubt you wouldve noticed mine.. it doesnt stand out. its a freakin explorer for cryin out loud! lol, anyways, nice to know we have SOME locals... :cheers:
  7. Nathan how's the Knee buddy? Let's get together at Roadhouse one night O.K. :nice: Call me.

    Pappy :drool:
  8. Melbourne...oh yeaaaaaaaah...:cool:
  9. Hudson, 40 miles north of tampa:p
  10. coconut creek, FL here.....
  11. I was born in Panama City. My dad was stationed there in 82 at the Air Force base there.

    Just some useless info. Nice town tho. :nice:
  12. Daytona Beach here
    and Deland (Stetson University)
  13. My brother's ex-gf goes to Stetson...
  14. oh really? what year is she?
  15. Melbourne here... :D
  16. Man all these Orlando and Central Florida guys here! We need to setup a spot on Saturday night around town; make ourselves known. We've got the F-Body guys/Fuel Hoes :lol: that hang out at Orange & 50; the import pimps that hang out (now) at some plaza on 50 across from Best Buy.

    Is there a spot I don't know of? If not I'll be happy to arange something official!

  17. To be honest with you, I'm not sure. I think she may be graduating soon. She just got back from this long trip to Spain.

    What year are you..?:)
  18. ohhh, well this semester is done in 4 weeks so I'm a sophomore for 4 more weeks :banana:
  19. That's cool. So that would make old?