calling all floridians

Discussion in 'Regional Forums and Event Information' started by 70mustangcoupe, Mar 25, 2003.

  1. Welcome :flag:
  2. Newbie from St Petersburg,,,,,,,,
  3. Hey I'm in Largo! :banana:

    I got a friend of mine with a black 04 GT down in St. Pete.

    Welcome to the boards!
  4. Kailuaz, PM sent
  5. St. Pete. Moving down on Wed!
  6. Lake Mary here ******es....20 min north of orlando.
  7. Hey did you get my PM Stng94?
  8. Crystal River here
  9. orlando checkin in
  10. Tampa/Brandon area here
  11. Port St Lucie (soon to be Juno Beach)
  12. Middleburg ***** what?
  13. Ft. walton beach here(Eglin AFB). This is my first look in the regional. always in the 4.6 forum :banana:
  14. Ft. Lauderdale here.

    Heck of lot more Floridians in here then i thought.
  15. 1 more for Panama City......LA :rlaugh:
  16. whats up tampa here just joined the site
  17. Welcome :nice: , another local stangbanger :flag:
  18. What up people, JAX here.
  19. right on dude I should have my car back on the road here soon after all the stuff I jsut did to it