calling all floridians

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  1. All you Tampa/St.Petersburg/Clearwater area guys should check out the meet me and my friend's club is holding.

    If you wanna check it out, go to and the link is right on the homepage.
  2. Jax FL. OK, actually it's St, Augustine now.
  3. Fort Lauderdale people.
  4. hello floridian mustang owners! camaro owner here :D
    anyway i live in orlando and got to run a 2000+ gt( happened in daytona). he said it had heads, cam and blower, and it was blue. guys name was jeremy. just wondering if it is anyone here or if anyone here knows him.
  5. Fort Walton Beach here
  6. I went to school from 2nd grade to Junior College in Panama City, Spent a few years at FSU in Tallahassee, and now reside in Tampa-Home of the Bucs.

    Later fellas-
  7. You should check out our club Tampa Bay is

    We just had our first meet on saturday and we're planning another.
  8. Hey AltamonteSprings Orlando Florida
  9. Gainesville Here :nice:
  10. I just got a new '04 GT...half my time in Coral Springs (near Fort Lauderdale) the other half up @ UCF in Otown :banana:

    Any good regular Stang meets in either place? Made2L4E on AOL
  11. I'm not to familier with that area put alot of people around there go to a place called Towers.I don't know were thats at tho :shrug:
  12. I don't really know where they hang out now. I have not been to one in probably a year and I don't even know if that group is even together anymore.
  13. Ft. Lauderdale / Davie :nice:
  14. Ft. Lauderdale
  15. Hello all

    I am in Miami, Fl :nice:
  16. If you have a yellow mustang I hate you because I'm jealous!