calling all floridians

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  1. Oh yeah, quite a few in the area, hopefully a lot here.

    Orlando here.
  2. I've been there once :D
  3. 3 from FWB or near there here
    You all need to start chatting :D
  4. Winter springs :banana:
  5. Okeechobee here....
  6. I live in Hollywood, Fl. That's by Ft. Lauderdale. I'm also up in West Palm Beach alot at Moroso or a buddies house. I also go on the west coast to Immokalee.
  7. Orlando, FL. here. A lot of florida peeps here.
  8. Eh I don't remember if I have posted in this thread or not so GO DAYTONA BEACH! nvm I hate this town. Damn old people, but still WOO Daytona Beach WOO
  9. ORLANDO PEOPLE!!! Crusie night this Sat Devils Night!

    Hey guys this is a little late but X-CFM is having a car show in Orlando and would love to see some stangs and other Fords show up..if interested in comming out this Sat Email me at
    [email protected]

    Would be great to see you guys out there. :D
  10. Miiiiiiiiiaaaamii!
  11. Homosassa here (no snickering please :rolleyes: ) It's 75 miles North of Tampa.
    And would somebody puhleez buy my 93 Fox body convertible? It needs a A4LD cuz the OD no work. Check it out in the classifieds under "Great 5.0 project car".
    Last best offer $700 by Monday pm and I'm needing the cash! :(
  12. West Palm Beach
  13. Orlando here
  14. gainesville here
  15. Gainesville here too.
    Joe E.
  16. Yo

  17. J-ville Rocks! :nice:
  18. NEW PORT RICHEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    a good 30min drive north of clearwater.

    2000 3.8L
    MagnaFlow dual cats
    FRPP 4.10 gears w/ posi trac
    Motoblue underdrive pulley and water pump pulley
    Bullet handling kit- springs, struts, F&R anti roll bars
    Caster/Camber plates
    Volt 18x7.5 wheels, tires 225/40/18
    MSD spark plug wires 8.5mm
    Ignition Solutions Plasma Booster
    K&N FIPK w/ BBK 70mm throttle body
    Poweraid throttle body spacer

    considering flash tune or chip, but i like warrenty....if it's not void already :bs:
  19. They can't deny you warranty work unless a problem on your car was caused by your mods.

    Then again, that could lead to some really lengthy battles :nonono: